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Money, brainlessness & sex

I liked this piece from the SMH commenting on the Miranda Kerr-James Packer liason. The hypocrisy demonstrated here in relation to the taboo on marrying for money or for reasons of sexual atractiveness alone are important social facts. Regardless of how unpleasant, boring and philistine a male is there is always a beautiful woman ready […]

Care ethics & feminism

Consider feminism and the application of care ethics to purely human ethical issues. There are related to certain environmental and animal rights ethical concerns (e.g. eco-feminism) and hence to issues I am interested in but I will not discuss such things here – they are more related in any event to feminist critiques of male […]

Chinese mothers & Aussie women

I have posted before on the relative success that Asian kids have in Western education systems. Amy Chua has written a strident defense of the role of Chinese mothers in using discipline to bring out the best in their children. I am sympathetic. Westerners do undervalue the abilities of their kids and apologize for childish […]

No room for girlfriend at girl’s school

Ivanhoe Girls Grammar School is a very good girl’s school in the north of Melbourne. Both my daughters went to the school and I have a great deal of affection for it and its excellent teachers and Head. This interested me.

Beating your wife – an etiquette guide

I couldn’t believe this! A nappyhead explains the ‘correct’ procedure.

wmv_3846.wmv‎ (6 MB‎)

Don’t beat her in the face or make her look ugly.

Thanks JS


I found this curious and not because the ABC aired what is a taboo subject – this was the focus of subsequent press critiques. Is labioplasty a media-inspired (airbrush) aberration? Or is it analogous to having your hair coloured or wrinkles botoxed. Is curiousity about labioplasty a reflection of underlying sexual puritanisms or of male […]

Evils of fornication

Michelle Chantelois claims to have sex with South Australian Premier Mike Rann during a several-year affair. This ‘scandal’ has got the usual nationwide publicity. Ms. Chantelois made the claims during a paid television interview. I repeat the observations that I made about the sex-related incidents associated with the resignation of NSW’s John Della Bosca:

“…the […]

Pornification of girlhood

I was interested in this Quadrant article by Melinda Reist on trends in modern commercial culture towards the sexualisation of girls. Girls are increasingly taught that their bodies are their major asset and the main source of their self-worth. The important thing is to be ‘hot’.

Despite the internalisation of many of the ideas in […]

What does Dick Cheney see in fly-fishing?

Hat tip Daniel Finkelstein Update: Apparently it is his hand on his fly rod . I can guess the humour with that explanation.

Maternity economics

In advance of the Productivity Commission report being released Melbourne’s Pravda has come out strongly in support of paid maternity leave for all ‘working’ women with a front-page editorial (it could never be mistaken for a news-story) written by two concerned sensitive femmes and, luckily for them, a supportive article by Pru Goward who is […]

Gender inequality in education

Gary Becker examines the new gender inequality in US education – females do better that men at school and because they get married later and have fewer kids have become the majority gender (57%) in US college education. Men get lower grades and drop out more. The obvious question is why women do better at […]

Fuller-figured women are just fatter

Why are women developing larger breasts? Hormones that stem, in part, from taking the pill play some role but the major fact is just that women carry more fat generally and a significant fraction of the breast is fat.

Brassiere manufacturers are responding to the increase with larger average cup sizes.

Hat tip […]

Hot strippers earn big bucks

I found this fascinating. Geoffrey Miller’s theory is that women have lost their oestrus – any outward sign of fertility – to keep men faithful. Otherwise a man might go hunting for another mate when he knew his mate was infertile. But this should create an evolutionary arms race among men as men evolve ever-heightened […]

Do women work harder?

At the recent ACE meetings I attended, a prominent economist (Christopher Pissarides) asserted in one session that he had found that in developed countries (other than Denmark) women work harder in total (in the paid workforce and in the home) than men. It was a claim that interested me so I have been checking it […]

Polygamy & the unwanted males

I got a fair bit of adverse comment for a post I made on how gender-balanced Muslim societies could deal with the sexual frustration that must affect those males that miss out on a partner where polygamy is practiced.

I suggested this frustration might spill over into aberrant social attitudes, a preference for religious stupidity […]

Sexual frustration under Islam

I have asked Muslims I know what happens to all the men who miss out on getting a partner in an Islamic society when polygamy is practised? Assuming levels of homosexuality are constant across cultures and that the gender ratio is approximatetely 1:1, won’t there be a lot of sexually frustrated men?

This article […]

How to beat your wife – a user guide

Examining the way men treat women in the Middle East is almost a clichéd popular sport. Other than football I love sport. So I introduce a film clip designed mainly for my male readers – though it might help my female viewers understand – explaining how to beat up your wife if she steps out […]