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Because of the imminent arrival of Yasi in Queensland – particularly between Port Douglas and Townsville – I have been digging around to find some information on cyclones. If the forecasts are right this Category 5 cyclone will be a catastrophic natural event with the expectation of widespread destruction perhaps of people and certainly of […]

Exiting Beijing in the snow

I had to leave Beijing on Sunday afternoon. Around the previous Friday the mild autumn weather became sharply cooler and on Sunday Beijing was blanketed with snow – the earliest in a decade. The claim is that the event occurred because scientists injected the clouds around Beijing with silver iodide – it can be used […]

High temperature

Melbourne is overcast and windy today with an amazing record-breaking* temperature now of 45.7 46.4oC or 114.26115.52oF for those of us still used to gauging temperatures in the old F scale where ‘bloody hot’ described temperatures above 100. The wind is coming from the west at 18 kph with gusts up to 45 kph. My […]

Hot hot hot hot

There are forecast to be four days (Wednesday-Saturday) of 40oC+ temperatures in Melbourne this week.  Melbourne has not had 3 days above 40oC since 1959.  The heatwave, defined in this way, is the worst since 1908.  The whole of Victoria is sweltering.

Checking out the records I find that this heat wave is up there with some […]

Economists sought in North Queensland?

Olivier Deschenes & Enrico Moretti in an NBER Working Paper estimate that 8-15% of the improved life expectancy in the US over the last 30 years is due to people moving to live in warmer states. Moreover, those who make the move are more likely to be those who gain benefits from the move.

Here […]

Bow wave of the Sydney cyclone

As an ex-surfer (yonks ago!) in the Sydney area this picture made me gasp. The accompanying story is pretty good too. Tim Blair is providing an armory of resources for tracking the current path of the cyclone about to hit Sydney. On Tuesday 10-15pm, as I type this, it looks like it is about to […]