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Farce in Victorian State Politics

For once I agree with an Age editorial. Dennis Napthine the new Premier of Victoria has replaced Ted Bailleau and seems to have formed an alliance with MP Geoff Shaw who recently quit the Liberal Party enabling continued Liberal rule in Victoria. Mr. Shaw was and still is under investigation for abusing his allowances by […]

Liberals win in Victoria

I am elated by the Liberal Party win in Victoria but less elated than I would have been had John Brumby not been the Labor leader. Victoria has enjoyed reasonable quality government under Labor for the last 11 years although there have been too many problems – the FoodBowl idiocy, the transport tickets fiasco and […]

Gambling & government in Victoria

I’ve been too busy to follow the recent news on gambling contracts in Victoria in detail. But there is a smell around this issue that makes me suspicious.

An Upper House parliamentary inquiry into alledged corruption by the State Government and by consulting firm Hawker Britton has returned an open finding although it asserted that […]

Nunawading intersection

In my earlier work on traffic congestion in Melbourne I was surprised to learn that the intersection between Springvale Road and the Whitehorse Road at Nunawading was judged by sampled RACV members to be the worst traffic-congested part of Melbourne. The interesting thing is that this intersection is a long way from Melbourne’s CBD. It […]

No riff-raff among the Laborite comrades

Victoria’s Labor leadership consists almost entirely of pretend toffs or real toffs. That’s all the better to help them spot that ‘light on the hill’ and helps us Liberal supporters since we win whoever wins the Victorian State election. Quote:

‘PREMIER John Brumby’s new-look Cabinet is crammed full of highly educated lawyers, teachers, social workers, […]

Victorian State budget

I didn’t have strong views on the Victorian State Budget but would be interested to hear those of readers. The $3.6 billion expenditure on infrastructure (schools, hospitals, transport) is welcome as is the decision to provide more public housing and the cuts to payroll tax, WorkCover premiums and land tax – the latter a consequence […]

Labor retains power in Victoria

The State Labor Government was yesterday returned to office in Victoria. The Liberal Nationals will hold about 32 seats in the new parliament while Labor will hold about 55. There are a few seats in doubts but the Liberal-Nationals seem likely to pick up between 3-7 seats with a two-party preferred swing to them of […]

Transport Victoria

It interests me that Melbourne’s urban transport problems have become an election issue in the current Victorian State elections. Like Sydney, Melbourne’s population is expected to grow strongly over the next 20 years and, while the city is expecting much higher levels of car travel, and hence much higher congestion, the public transport system has […]

Nice try Ted

Labor Premier Steve Bracks should be comfortably returned to office this Saturday in the Victorian State Elections although his Opposition challenger, Ted Baillieu, has performed well.On primary votes an ACNeilson poll sees the Labor Party with a narrow lead on primary votes of 41% compared to the Opposition’s 40%. The Greens should gain about 12% […]

Melbourne’s oedipal revolt

Freedom of speech and assembly are vital in a democracy and must be guaranteed even if they involve some irrationality and infringement of rights of non-participating citizens. But the scenes in Melbourne yesterday, engineered by a tiny group of militant thugs, in assaulting police and journalists and in destroying property, create the basis for non-reflective, […]

Baillieu’s share holdings

The most foolish campaign of the week is that of the Victorian Labor Party, actively fostered by its numerous leftwing supporters at The Age, to force Opposition Leader Ted Baillieu to sell off, into a blind trust, his $3.8 million worth of equity in companies such as as BHP-Billiton, News Corp and Telstra.Ted’s total holding […]

A stunning poll on pokies

It looks likely according to current opinion polls that Labor will government again in Victoria.

The main prospect the opposition has to stage an upset is to promote its policy of substantially cutting back on poker machines.Quote:

87% of those surveyed supported Mr Baillieu’s policy — rejected by Labor — to cut poker machine numbers […]