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Qantas to fight trade union reactionaries

Allan Joyce’s move to ground the entire Qantas fleet today was an inevitable attempt to break the backs of trade unionist reactionaries. As a Qantas shareholder I am dismayed at the current outcome but, as Qantas has not paid dividends for a couple of years, I support attempts to force the airline to gain competitiveness […]

Harry Nicolaides

As a past resident of Thailand a number of people have asked me what I think of the Harry Nicolaides case. Nicolaides has just been jailed for 3 years for lèse majesté – specifically for insulting the Thai monarchy.   Generally I am puzzled at what has occurred as Nicolaides has worked in Thailand since around 2003 […]

Sting: A bitter post

I have an unfortunate, rather negative approach to rock musicians like Sting. They have no obvious musical talents or intelligence and travel the world in their personal jets telling us all how to be environmentally friendly. It is accurate to describe them as hypocrites.

And look at Sting’s taste in women. Look at […]

Ruddite verbosity

Julie Bishop accurately described our PM as a ‘walking slogan’ – ‘when I travel around the country’, ‘can I say’, ‘fresh ideas’, ‘You know something?’. Even Labor-supporter Michelle Grattan says that Rudd speaks like a robot and provides quaint examples of Ruddspeak. But now our ear-wax munching defender of the rights of ‘working families’ has […]