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Gambling & drugs in sport

The revelations about the role of organised crime in gambling on sports events (and in encouraging drug-taking sportspeople to take drugs) made national headlines this week. The problems with the involvement in criminals in gambling is claimed to be that they “match fix” and therefore deny other gamblers access to a fair bet. But the […]

Golf GPSs

Because my sense of distance isn’t that good I bought a Sureshot golf GPS that tells me fairly exact distances from my golf ball on almost all golf courses to the pin. There are many similar devices on the market and their price has declined quite a bit. I bought my Sureshot a few years […]

Australians whinging

I am tired of hearing the complaints from over-indulged Aussi brats at the Commonwealth Games in Delhi. They complained about the housing, the temperature at the opening ceremony and now the food – 5 of the brats got upset stomachs. I resent spending a cent of public money on these graceless buffoons. They are a […]

Labor to ban truants from playing sport

You were linked to it here first. These clowns have got to be joking. Haven’t they? Who will be the First Assistant Secretary for monitoring your local footy club? Will this be part of the ‘education revolution’? Is this devisive policy the real reason Dullard dumped Krudd?


For the right to operate the Australian Grand Prix in two weeks time the Victorian Government will pay Bernie Ecclestone $47 million.  In a civilised society politicians who abuse public trust in this way should be sacked and then jailed.  It is a totally disgraceful waste of public monies.

The $47m figure has only […]

Golf & the Australian Open Championship

I attended the final day’s play of the Australian Open at Royal Sydney Golf Club.   I endorse entirely Robert Allenby’s criticisms of the organisers of this event and of the attending Aussie print media.  The hounding of the visiting American professional John Daly because he smashed a spectator’s camera against a tree was stupid. […]

Howard Government destroyed our youth with user pays

It will take years – possibly decades – for the wickedness of the Howard Government to loosen its grip on Australian society. And it is our young brightest minds, our ‘future’ who are paying the highest price.

In today’s Sunday Pravda we learn that the La Trobe University women’s football team had to forgo trips […]

Sunday golf lesson with Kevin Rudd

Almost no politics, no economics for most of yesterday – I’ve been practising my golf. I’ve been watching, then pausing, bits of a clip which shows you how to make the perfect golf swing. It really is pretty good and it is free.

Then my Sunday was disturbed by the big event – the […]

Ben Cousins

The AFL’s Ben Cousins was arrested yesterday in Perth and charged with allegedly possessing unspecified illegal drugs. His arrest seems to have been pre-planned by police and news camera people were on hand to photograph Cousins, naked from the waist up, waiting in his car as it was searched and then as he was taken […]

Taking the big snip to free up your golfing weekends

It is Friday again and time to lighten up and forget about the horrific prospect of Labor victory.

I had been reading how to eliminate 70% of my golf driver errors with a ‘no-backswing swing’ in Golf Magazine when I noticed a curious ad on page 120 for vasectomies provided by Marie Stopes International. I’ve […]

Football strength heads south

As a youth I supported Manly-Warringah Sea Eagles (effecting numerous illegal entries into Brookvale Oval via a storm water drain that crossed a ground boundary) but, with my long-term change in residency, my allegiances have shifted to favour the Melbourne Storm who pulled off a remarkable NRL Grand Finals Victory last night at Telstra Stadium. […]

Rejoining ranks of the golfing greats

I have started playing golf again and have even invested in a new set of clubs and buggy. It is amazing how golf clubs and golf gear generally are so much cheaper – in nominal not only real terms – than when I last played seriously a decade ago. The good economic reasons for this […]

State Government funding of ‘special events’

Billionaire Bernie Ecclestone threatens to take the Formula 1 Grand Prix away from Melbourne unless it runs the races at night. This is apparently because Ecclestone wants to see the live TV coverage in Europe. The current contract runs out in 2010.

It has never been made clear what Victorian taxpayers contribute to Ecclestone […]

Football & the tedious media

I have enjoyed watching several AFL games over the past few years – but even this limited interest has recently waned. The dominance of match reports, sick, injured and drunk player reports, tribunal hearings, tipping guides and, most recently, events associated with the suspension of Ben Cousins, that have dominated the Melbourne public media over […]