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Why Keynes angers conservatives

Conservatives have long linked Keynes’ economic theories to his claimed homosexuality. But Keynes was was one these reasonable people who didn’t like to see people suffer unnecessarily.

Keynes endorsed love. Quote:

“John Maynard Keynes was the sexiest economist who ever lived. This might seem like half-hearted praise since in our mind’s eye the typical economist […]

Richard Pratt’s Mistresses

I have never liked the idea of prostitution much although I concede that the ‘associative mating’ that we is observed in marriage is a longer-term contract that can amount to much the same thing. Apparently industrialist Richard Pratt had the money and indulged himself. Pratt’s ‘escort’, Ms Madison Ashton, is on the front front page […]

Female orgasms

Study shows that masculine, dominant men who are handsome provide women with better orgasms. Hence the quality of orgasms drives sire choice. Probably worth demonstrating with data????

Depraved men

Nothing arouses anger in the community more immediately than child sex abuse. As a parent – and simply as a concerned citizen – I go along with such anger. Children should never be sex objects. If people’s tastes/preferences drift in this direction they must learn to restrain them – preference alone is never a justification […]

David Campbell

The treatment of David Cambell by the media and his own party is repugnant. Our society is becoming more American by the day with sexual images and innuendo thrown at us constantly but with, at the same time, a strengthening moral puritanism. It is an understatement to note that David Campbell does not seem to […]


I found this curious and not because the ABC aired what is a taboo subject – this was the focus of subsequent press critiques. Is labioplasty a media-inspired (airbrush) aberration? Or is it analogous to having your hair coloured or wrinkles botoxed. Is curiousity about labioplasty a reflection of underlying sexual puritanisms or of male […]

Evils of fornication

Michelle Chantelois claims to have sex with South Australian Premier Mike Rann during a several-year affair. This ‘scandal’ has got the usual nationwide publicity. Ms. Chantelois made the claims during a paid television interview. I repeat the observations that I made about the sex-related incidents associated with the resignation of NSW’s John Della Bosca:

“…the […]

John Della Bosca

I have zero affection (or respect) for the Labor Party in NSW but, for the life of me, I cannot understand the hysterical puritanism that has driven the resignation of John Della Bosca from its state government ministry. Nor do I understand the more recent sentiments suggesting he might be ‘rehabilitated’ and reinstated into the […]

Asymmetric libidos & the right to say no

I am interested in – though rather late in responding to – Bettina Arndt’s view that a few year’s after having children ‘most’ women don’t particularly enjoy sex but that most men do.  Indeed the claim is that once a woman has a secure relationship her sex drive ebbs quickly. It is one of these ‘most’ […]

AIDS-HIV & heterosexuals

For a long time heterosexuals have been told that they run significant risks of contracting HIV-AIDS if they have unprotected sex. Outside of Africa this claim is now seen to be false. Outside of Africa the main groups at risk from the disease are homosexuals, intravenous drug users and sex workers.

There will be […]

Celibate soldiers?

I am stunned by the media interest in whether soldiers had sexual intercourse with a visiting female entertainer. It seems that she did not but even if she did who cares?

Why would such sexual intercourse be a ‘scandal’ even if it did occur? Are soldiers intended (or ordered) to remain celibate while on duty? […]

Eliot Spitzer had sex which he paid for

I am not surprised by the press’s treatment of Eliot Spitzer. US and to a less extent Australian popular culture is an uneasy mix of puritanism and excessive sexualisation of the ordinary. Bill Clinton was a good US President but came close to being toppled because of he took advantage of a sexual opportunity that […]

Functions of the female orgasm

I have been looking at the negative effects of anti-depressant drugs, such as Prozac, and the cynical role big pharmaceutical firms play in making consumption of these drugs so widespread. Eventually I will post on this material but probably won’t come up with much more substantive content than this excellent article in The New York […]

Hot strippers earn big bucks

I found this fascinating. Geoffrey Miller’s theory is that women have lost their oestrus – any outward sign of fertility – to keep men faithful. Otherwise a man might go hunting for another mate when he knew his mate was infertile. But this should create an evolutionary arms race among men as men evolve ever-heightened […]