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Summer grabs me by the throat once again

The usual end to each year for me. I have been holidaying in southern NSW and now in Sydney waiting for some really hot weather. Posting will be intermittent at most until New Year. Enjoy the festive season – I hope Santa brings all my readers lots of good toys.

Update 1: Back in Melbourne […]

Currencies & holiday planning

With a strong Aussi dollar and feeble international currencies it is time to think about making a move:

Perhaps time now to think about planning for (but not yet paying for) a holiday in Greece.

Or maybe wait for a while for a trip to Japan. Currently running a trade deficit – the first since […]

Best pool shot by a naked white chick


Thanks BL (I think).

Summer grabs me by the throat once again.

Taking holidays on the south-coast of NSW as usual. Posting will be irregular over the next few weeks but I’ll try to keep in touch with the unfolding events in Copenhagen and the continuing implosions in the Liberal Party.

A break in Syd

I am relocating to Sydney for a few days R&R – escaping forecast temperatures in Melbourne of 39oC tomorrow for a more moderate 29oC in Syd. I’ll post if Bondi beckons less than I anticipate it will but I doubt it.

Son William: ‘Dad, those ladies over there are missing the tops to their bikinis’.


Summer grabs me by the throat once again

Last year I deviated from my standard summer routine by holidaying in Sydney rather than in Ulladulla NSW where I have enjoyed my holidays for most of the past 20 years. But I am reverting to form and heading off to Ulladulla tomorrow for a minimalist summer vac – two weeks. I stay in […]

Taking a break from routine in Sydney

I am taking a brief respite in Sydney for a few days. I am presenting my paper ‘Some Economics of Adaptation to Climate Change’ (based on this and this) in the Agricultural and Resource Economics Department at the University of Sydney on Friday 22nd August from 3-00 to 5-00 pm in the R.D. Watt Building. […]

Saturday golf miscellany

This came from a commercial source but they are rather neat clips of Jason Zuback, who claims to be the world’s longest golf ball hitter, as he clocks a golf ball. This is a shorter clip of the same guy. I have been watching it repeatedly this afternoon in the hope something will rub off.


Growling frogs & barking owls

I head back to work today after nearly 4 weeks off. I finished my holidays with a week of golf and bird-watching- yesterday playing at the magnificent, links-style, Growling Frog Golf Course (it is named after this). Then in the evening I went with zoologist Dr. Bob Anderson and his friend Jan to Puckapunyal […]

Don’t have to think

I was entertained and informed by a short article in The Age by Rob Moodie (‘Reconsider the frantic pace of life’) that urges us all to slow down. It is a useful article to think about as many of us go back to ‘work’ over the next few days after a reasonably long Xmas break.


Xmas holidays

I am winding down my blogging activities and will post only intermittently in the period through to the New Year. I hope that readers have an enjoyable break. Compliments of the season to all.

Friday news post Saturday morning

I spent yesterday morning on Bondi Beach with son William and the afternoon smashing golf balls at a practice range in the Macquarie University grounds. It was a glorious Sydney day with an overwhelmingly blue sky – only a little cloud in the west. I am as pink as a lobster in most of the […]

Italian seafood

I am living about 100 metres from the coastline here in northern Italy and, yep, recalling my trade classes on comparative advantage based on factor endowments I have focused my culinary endeavors here on the local seafood.

Lobster, calimari, scampi, prawns, shellfish and some of the local fishes (including fresh tuna steaks) have been subject […]


I am golfing Thursday at Rosanna so taking a break. A favourable poll for the Liberal Party would improve my putting. I am jangly at the prospect of ear-wax munches, rock stars and barren, leftist women running the country. Back Friday.

Thursday afternoon update: My putting was terrible. Curse Kevin Rudd and his popularity. But […]

Saturday night with Grand Cru

My friend Professor Chongwoo Choe has come to his senses and returned to live in Melbourne. He and his wife put on a sumptuous dinner last night with four exciting French wines that he had managed to gather while on his regular academic field trips to France.

To start off we enjoyed a Chablis Grand […]