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William Blake done by Allen Ginsberg

My interest in William Blake’s poetry dates back about 40 years to performances of his “Songs of Innocence and Experience” by Allen Ginsberg. They were on an 1969 LP I had that got nicked while I was living in Surrey Hills Sydney. Searching I found YouTubes of several performances from this album. I particularly liked […]

Nikki taught Cho

Nikki Giovanni (more here) was one of Cho Seung-hui’s professors and is supposed to be a great black poet.

Below is one of her poems. It might help us understand her now deceased student.

The True Import of Present Dialogue, Black vs. Negro (For Peppe, Who Will Ultimately Judge Our Efforts) by Nikki Giovanni […]

The sick rose

Oh Rose, thou art sick!

Oh Rose, thou art sick!The invisible worm,That flies in the night,In the howling storm,

Has found out thy bedOf crimson joy,And his dark secret loveDoes thy life destroy.

William Blake This poem comes from William Blake’s Songs of Experience. I have always enjoyed it but not because of any […]