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DSLRs dead in 5 years?

This article raises questions related to those in a recent post of mine. Picture quality in low level DSLRs and in Smartphones. mirror-less cameras is getting so good that the demand for higher end products and quality lenses is disappearing. Users want good software not good hardware. I’ll follow this argument and come back to […]

Good, very good & irrelevantly good DSLRs

I’ve just purchased the Canon 5D DSLR and the Canon 24-70 mm L lens. The quality of the photographs I am taking is as good as I have ever done but for this money that’s what you would almost insist on. Well-known camera critic and 5D aficionado* Ken Rockwell claims that, in terms of resolution, […]

Expensive gadget economics being cannibalised

In my very limited spare moments I have been fooling around too much with photography and not doing much blogging. In an earlier post I noted that Apple seem to have run into a period of diminishing returns in innovating their iPhone – the market agreed too slashing billions off Apple’s market capitalisation over the […]

What is a photograph?

I enjoyed reading Peter Benson’s The Ontology of Photography in Philosophy Now (unfortunately behind a paywall). The gist of the argument is that photography liberated Western painting from its obsession with realism. With analogue photography the essence of a photograph is perceiving something “that-has-been”. I ran the marathon, I went to the scenic site, I […]