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Short-term parking subject to a congestion levy, good

The tax on long-term parking spots in Melbourne is to be substantially increased but, more importantly, the levy is to be extended to short-term parking. Since the levy is intended to be an anti-congestion device it was really more important to tackle short-term parking than long-term parking since many short-term journeys to a parking spot […]

Eliminating the parking problem by pricing

They can do it in San Francisco. Why not here? A fascinating neglected urban problem that can (as I have stressed before) be easily solved.

Dynamic parking policies

Sounds like an interesting experiment in San Francisco. Parking charges adjusted to clear the market for parking spots dynamically – a single vacant spot at all times in any location. Hence zero search costs.

HT to PH

Parking economics

The Victoria Transport Institute (Victoria, BC, Canada) has this excellent survey. Less theoretical than the discussions by Donald Shoup and by myself – it has lots of excellent case studies but no reference to the role of telematics. I continue my long-term search for a doctoral student interested in pursuing a topic on the economics […]

Parking economics revisited

One of the interesting and influential figures I met recently in Paris was Professor Donald Shoup from the University of California, Los Angeles – I have a great shot of him iding a (rented) Velib bike near a well-known Parisian tourist attraction. Shoup is one of the world’s experts on the economics of […]

Daft proposals for Melbourne’s transport woes

The Sunday Age today presents a proposed ‘transport revolution’ for Melbourne prepared by Monash University’s Professor Graham Currie – a ‘transport expert’. The plan recognizes that expanding road supply is not a major sensible option in the face of Melbourne’s ballooning congestion problems and instead argues for creating a ‘road hierarchy’ that gives pedestrians, cars, […]

Park & ride dilemmas

An apparently obvious way of dealing with traffic congestion in a city such as Melbourne is to drive your car to the nearest train station and catch the train to your destination. It is a great theory but the hitch is that parking places near train stations are becoming exhausted and the cost of constructing […]

Parking: measuring the spaces

Courtesy of my French correspondent, Monsieur Ricardo Cabral, I am referred to this delightful article on one of my favourite underappreciated urban disasters, the over-provision of parking spaces because parking is typically unpriced. I have posted on this in the past.

The present study is simply tallying up the land allocated to parking spots in […]