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Around the Block

This is a preposterous, improbable Australian movie. A young American women gets a group of young aboriginals to do a performance of Shakespeare’s Hamlet. Based in Redfern, Sydney. The movie is not even going to be released in conventional cinema. But I loved it and scenes moved me to tears. A great Australian film that […]


Greatly enjoyed Baz Luhrmann’s “Gatsby”. A triumph after the poor “Australia”. Cinematically refined and beautifully scripted I thought this was an enlightening portrayal of New York 1922 and a great love story between Gatsby (Leonardo DiCaprio) and Daisy. DiCaprio’s performance was perfection. A lot of poetry in this movie on extravagance and mystery that resolves […]

Inside Job

I watched the movie with this title on a blu-ray tonight. A fascinating tele-documentary on the GFC. Some of the prominent macroeconomists* that I had learnt to respect reveal themselves to be utter s***s who would say or do anything for a moderately large cash pay-out. A word from the wise guy: There is more […]

Anna Karenina

I saw the most recent filmed version of Leo Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina this evening. It was one of the most enjoyable movies I have seen in a long time. It had mixed reviews – many criticised its ‘theatrical’ aspects as detracting from the story. Most of the reviews are worth ignoring particular the silly nationalistic […]

Thoughts on Polanski

I have been overwhelmed with academic work of late. My blog postings have obviously suffered and countless thousands of grief-stricken readers around the world have made complaints. In the evenings I ‘ve also entered into an intellectually lazy mode and done the Norm-like, Bogan thing.

For recreation I have enjoyed playing with my new Mac […]

Unchained Goddess/Hemo the Magnificent

Another retrieved post from hacking attack:

I mentioned in an earlier post that the animated film Unchained Goddess unambiguously forecast anthropogenic climate change in 1958. I’d only seen a clip and couldn’t find the complete film in local video stores so bought a copy from Amazon. It is an outstanding, partly animated, […]

Environmental movies

The extreme political right are showing their hatred for the movie (that I reviewed recently) Avatar presumably because of its pro-environmental and anti-military themes. It is hard for me to appreciate the viewpoint of those who see something positive in environmental destruction and in killing people but that seems to be where these kooks end […]

They smell worse when they burn

The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas: Mom dad and the two kids shift housing and set up digs in the countryside. Dad’s job? He runs a concentration camp and his son gets to talk to a dirty, starving Jewish kid whom he befriends, betrays and then reunites with. Both end […]


Yesterday I saw my first movie of 2009 – Frost/Nixon – the stylised account of the lead-up to and the actual interviews between the British interviewer David Frost and disgraced US President Richard Milhous Nixon. There were a few much-criticised historical inaccuracies in the film (many relating to the claimed priority Frost enjoyed in getting […]

The Kiterunner

I watched The Kiterunner movie last night with mixed emotions. It was a film that provided an intriguing account of children caught up in Afghanistan’s conflicts. But it is essentially American sentimentality and an overdone account of good-versus-evil.

Spoiler: The next para outlines the plot.

The Kiterunner is the story of a sooky, intellectual Afghan […]

Nostalgia: The Forsyte Saga

I have been occupied for the past few days watching the complete original version of The Forsyte Saga based on the novels by John Galsworthy. A couple of years ago I tried to watch a more recent 2002 TV adaptation of the same tale but lost interest – the characters lacked conviction compared to the […]

Oldie movies by Fritz Lang & some modern movies

I’ve watched a couple of Fritz Lang movie masterpieces over the last days and several modern films. Its been a long, lazy Easter break.

Metropolis is a silent Lang classic from 1926, perhaps the first science fiction epic, with a wild plot involving downtrodden workers, mad engineers and feminoid robots. This astounding film is […]