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Measles back but democracy works

We are all experts on everything and any person’s view on any topic is just as valid as that of any other person. We live in an intellectual democracy. The crazies at Quadrant and Catallaxy and other blogs know more about climate change than the thousands of scientists who have spent a lifetime studying it. […]

Around the blogs

I have been too busy to actively blog the past few days but a few issues caught my attention.

1. Bill Hensen. I enjoyed this post by Liz Conor on the Hensen controversy (Is it Hensen or Henson – both spellings are widely used). Conor’s post makes some comparisons with Nabokov’s Lolita – and tries […]

Lazy weekend

I’ve had a lazy few days – went bird watching at Yellingbo State Nature Reserve today with son and then ‘swimming’ in the backyard pool – ‘swimming’ means lying in the water!. Pottered around the garden Saturday and managed to stretch 40 minutes work into an afternoon, again with more ‘swimming’. Felt too lethargic to […]

New Year’s Eve

It was rather depressing to read the summary of the main events of 2006 in The Age today. Quite a bit of the coverage related to show business, the antics of talentless actors and TV personalities as well as the usual tedious politics and sports hero-worship.As much as I love Shane Warne I am tiring […]

Summer sloth grabs me by the throat

William S. Burroughs, the author, once formulated a ‘don’t have to do exercise’ aimed at breaking down old associations and habits of thought – he saw it as a ‘path to liberation’. I am very much in favour of breaking out of disciplined work habits. On holidays it normally takes me a week or so […]