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Hitting Assad

There is no question that Syria’s Bashar Assad is one of the Middle East’s worst tyrants. I am sympathetic to the American position here – that he should be punished for using chemical weapons against his own citizens – the videos I saw were horrific – particularly the distraught father trying to rouse his dead […]

Egyptian happenings

This miserable piece of Mid-Eastern real estate is quite large in area (1 million sq. kms,) but mostly Western Desert. Almost all its 83 million inhabitants live in a ultra-densely (3,820 persons per square km) populated strip along the Nile. As befits a poverty-stricken country with a lengthy past and no obvious future it is […]

Israel versus barbarism

This cartoon from The Economist says much. Grim humour but, despite some core truths, exaggerated with respect to the assigned symmetry of responsibilities.


Thinking clearly about immigration

We have been selective in sections of our immigration program – for example the business program discriminates on the basis of wealth. But if one raises the case for not favouring the admission to Australia of those who come from violent societies where our democratic values and belief in religious tolerance would get zero respect […]

No fly zone over Libya

I am pleased that the UN have approved a no fly zone over Libya. It may have come too late but provides some help to retreating rebels that otherwise face the certain prospect of being massacred by the tyrant Gaddafi’s forces. The US, Britain and France led the move – they were backed by Arab […]


The events sweeping through the Middle East are unexpected. The Egyptian economy is not all bad – it has been growing at 5-7% over recent years and per capita incomes are around $6200 which is not too bad for a country of 80 million that exists on a pathetically narrow stretch of fertile land along […]

This little girl wants more Nazis

Despite the ceasefire (which now even the Hamas terrorists have agreed to)  thousands of Palestinians marched in Melbourne yesterday condemning Israeli violence. I wonder if the caped crusader to the left of the little girl is her history teacher. For the following photo HT Tim Blair.

Meanwhile despite the usual pathetic claims Hamas do in […]

Israel launches ground attack into Gaza

The widely-predicted ground attack by Israel into Gaza occurred on Sunday.  The response of the media and mealy-mouthed politicians has been predictable.  On the one hand a section of the media, backed up by supporters of terrorism around the world, has been to attack the immorality of the Israeli attack often without mention of the […]

Iranian Presbyterians to fight in Gaza against Zionism

These Presbyterians have offered to fight Zionism from a base in Gaza. They are part of a movement to establish democracy, women’s rights, liberal educational values, business acumen, economic progress and freedom in one of the world’s worst current trouble spots.

HT: Jihad Watch. Progressive (often nappy-crested*) idealist followers in Syria, Yemen, southern Beirut and […]

Israel attacks terrorist bases in Gaza

The UN have condemned Israel for ‘overreacting’ in their airstrike attacks on the Gaza Strip*.  I think in fact that Israel have acted decisively and have not overreacted at all. The attacks have real ferocity and regrettably have killed an estimated 290 Palestinians – many of them civilians.  It is a miserable outcome for a poverty-stricken […]

Palestinian self-inflicted pain

I found this article from Commentary, ‘1948, Israel, and the Palestinians’ of interest. I am always surprised by the vehemence of the left’s hatred for Israel.