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My blog up and running again

I got my February 2006 – January 2015 WordPress blog up and running today thanks to my US hosting service Bluehost. I have used this service for about 5 years and recommend it. Inexpensive and high quality.

Everything now seems to work – themes and links to FaceBook. I could try to transfer a set […]

Attack on

Posts from January 6-25 have vanished after a hacking attack last night. I am seeking to beef up security and would appreciate advice.

Update: Things are still not working quite right now. Posts disappear as do comments. It was a frantic morning as I sought to restore things – eventually a phone call did it. […]

Adelaide ACE09

I am attending the Australian Conference of Economists in Adelaide. These days ACE is a much smaller conference than it has been in the past though I still think it does have an attractiveness. Excellent speakers and a great location at the University of Adelaide. Main observation – the striking though predictable role of the […]

Blog syntheses

I successfully transferred 1,594 posts and 8,101 comments from my previous Blogger account to the current WordPress platform. For some reason a few early posts were missed and the earlier graphics were transferred in miniature but now almost everything – back to February 2006 – is in one place.

As a separate issue I […]

Spam, abuse & inadvertent comment deletion

Two points:

1. I won’t tolerate abusive comments on this blog. I will delete such comments ASAP and will permanently ban people posting such comments. I will not revise this view on the basis of claims of my own allegedly past bad behaviour. Life is too short to waste on such discussants. Critical comments are […]


This software – Posterous – is useful if you wish to put a presentation online quickly and easily. You can email pictures, text, powerpoint presentations – indeed anything – to the Posterous website and it is automatically posted for you on a blogsite.

As an example I attach two recent Powerpoint presentations I gave […]