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Money, brainlessness & sex

I liked this piece from the SMH commenting on the Miranda Kerr-James Packer liason. The hypocrisy demonstrated here in relation to the taboo on marrying for money or for reasons of sexual atractiveness alone are important social facts. Regardless of how unpleasant, boring and philistine a male is there is always a beautiful woman ready […]

Richard Pratt’s Mistresses

I have never liked the idea of prostitution much although I concede that the ‘associative mating’ that we is observed in marriage is a longer-term contract that can amount to much the same thing. Apparently industrialist Richard Pratt had the money and indulged himself. Pratt’s ‘escort’, Ms Madison Ashton, is on the front front page […]

Friday joy as wealth grows

Over at my near-defunct Moneybags blog I checked today on the growth of the nominal portfolio I selected 30 December last year. In 11 months it has increased 49.5%, more than double the increase in the All Ordinaries.

Today’s inspection was motivated by a success story – former dog stock HostWorks announced today that it […]

Pipe dream?

I have tried in the past few weeks to suggest profit-making opportunities from climate change. I wonder if having a share market punt on pipe manufacturers makes good sense given our dire water supply situation and Mr Howard’s plans to improve irrigation piping efficiencies in the Murray-Darling Basin.

Even if Howard’s plans don’t come off […]

The gains disappoint

Over at my misleadingly-labelled, much neglected and generally ignored Moneybags blog I summarise my investment performance on a notional portfolio over the previous 9 months.The overall gross return was 8.7% – an annual return of about 10.9% – which wasn’t that wonderful given the 19% growth in the ASX over the full year 2006. I […]

Making money on Xmas day

As Santa departs this evening for the North Pole this evening my thoughts turn to repaying the credit card debt that was necessarily incurred to keep those near and far relatives of mine in good cheer over Xmas. So money raises its ugly head here on Xmas morn – though I have been collecting information […]

Huge copper discovery?

I’ve been inactive in terms of stock-market activity for months – but this story from this morning’s SMH partly humoured, partly annoyed me. It spurred me to post at my lazy stockmarket blog.