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Money, brainlessness & sex

I liked this piece from the SMH commenting on the Miranda Kerr-James Packer liason. The hypocrisy demonstrated here in relation to the taboo on marrying for money or for reasons of sexual atractiveness alone are important social facts. Regardless of how unpleasant, boring and philistine a male is there is always a beautiful woman ready […]

Love in science & economics

I posted quite a while back on my conflicted view of the science of love (or “affection”) as it was developed by Harry Harlow. Harlow established what we would widely taken as obvious today that humans and particularly children need “love” to function well – that was not obvious 50 years ago. The idea of […]

Investing wisely in love

Love is scarce so invest in it wisely. That’s the message of this piece by Ben Stein in the New York Times.  I’d be interested in comments.   I guess don’t want to just be ‘something you invest in’ but do you organise your affections on the basis of cost-benefit analysis and the payback principle?

According to Stein […]