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Chinese land purchases are against Australia’s interests

The move by Chinese interests to purchase 1.3% of Australia (the Kidman properties) for $300m is against Australia’s economic and political interests. The land will be used by the Chinese to pursue pastoral activities in Australia using imported Chinese capital resources and, at least down the line, Chinese workers. In fact the land – apart […]

Land use planning to resist ‘tree changers’?

The Age outdid itself today yesterday in ‘Tree Changers Bring Gloom with Rural Boom’. Who is the journalist ‘Clay Lucas’ who wrote this? The Age website says Clay won a United Nations ‘Media Peace Award’ in 2005 for a study of ‘multicultural Melbourne’, written with Claire Miller. Why does that sound just so, so believable […]

Encourage don’t discourage efficient land speculation

The Age today is bemoaning the fact that monopoly control of large tracts of land on the borders of our big cities is driving up land and therefore house prices. The claim is that developers are ‘sitting on’ enough land to house 100,000 people. A Professor Steven Keen is complaining that ‘land banking’ is driving […]