The unemployed are unhappier than the employed even when income-compensated

A popular myth is that the unemployed are only unhappy because they lose income. They derive gains from the increased leisure they enjoy – hence the popular notion of the “dole-bludger” at Bondi Beach enjoying the surf and sunshine while the rest of us slave away supporting their dole payments with our taxed income.


Editorial assistant sought

I am looking for someone to work as an Editorial Assistant for the journal Economic Papers which I now edit. They must be based in Melbourne.

The work involved is 1-2 days per week depending on the volume of work. The work involves proof-reading and dealing with academic journal submissions. It also involves maintaining records [...]

Dating services & getting a job

One of the more onerous tasks faced by younger participants at the American Economic Association (AEA) meetings is to try to get a job.The meetings provide the largest organized job market in economics. Each year around 1000 soon-to-be doctoral graduates attempt to get jobs in universities and public agencies around the world that send representatives [...]

Recruiting labour for the ADF

PM Howard has just announced a series of financial moves to boost recruitment into the Australian military from a total of 51,000 to 57,000.These include retention bonuses, possible recruitment bonuses, allowing introductory ‘gap year’ programs of 1 year service in the ADF, reducing service entry requirements and reducing the time taken to achieve entry. As [...]