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Geert Wilders visit

I support the right of Geert Wilders to visit Australia. He is not a racist and is not encouraging violence. He is opposed to the ideology of Islam which he sees as totalitarian. In a democracy we are entitled to hear these views particularly because they are not without merit. If violence occurs in response […]

Religious bigotry & creationism

“……anybody believing in evolution or who propagates it must be killed”.

Usama Hasan on the death threats he has received for claiming evolution is consistent with the Koran.


Australians should object to Malaysian laws

The Australian Government should protest the barbarism of the planned caning of a woman (Ms. Shukarno) for drinking beer in public. The punishment is a barbarous feature of unenlightened Islam. More fundamentally Australia should object to laws introduced by religious fanatics to terrorise women.


Obama speaking to Muslims in Egypt

Some of the right wing press* and blogs have attacked Barack Obama’s speech in Egypt where he is obviously seeking to diffuse tensions between the US and the world’s Muslims. The claims are that he committed errors of historical analysis and argued that the positions of Israel and the Palestinians are ‘morally equivalent’ when obviously […]

Violent, racist Islamists kill innocents in Mumbai

The reports of the overnight killings in Mumbai are horrifying. The image of religiously-motivated young men searching for totally innocent civilians with American or British passports and then killing them because they originate from these particular countries makes all civilised humanity recoil.  Pure evil.

Sympathies for the 100+ dead innocents and for the 280+ injured and something […]

Young children should not marry

In Yemen 8-10 year old female children get married to adult males where they are raped and beaten. The children are married off because the alternative is to be abducted and raped. In addition ‘young virginal brides can be shaped into dutiful wives’. And as tribal elders say, the Prophet Mohammed was married to a […]

More on sexual frustration & the supply of religious fanatics

I posted some time back about sexual frustration under Islam as a source of inspiration for terrorism. Gary Becker has argued that sexually-frustrated nobodies whose lives are going nowhere are a primary source of terrorist supply.

In poor Islamic societies – this NYT report documents the situation in Egypt – youth are turning to religious […]

Saudi justice for women

The Saudis are indeed wealthy barbarians. It is not being anti-Islamic to point to the horrors of a justice system which condemns a 19 year old woman to 200 lashes and one year’s jail for being gang-raped by 7 men at knifepoint for whom guilt (in Saudi terms) has been established*. Her husband has said […]

I do like to be beside the seaside…

What I am reading: Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s Infidel revealed much about a woman’s early life in repressive Somalia, Saudi Arabia, Ethiopia and (to a less extent) Kenya. It reveals her joys as she discovers the advantages of living in an open, wealthy society, Holland, where she can work, study and enjoy friendships and romance to an extent impossible in […]

Md. Haneef in custody – keep a balanced view

Mohammed Haneef may be innocent on being involved with terrorism but he did associate with at least two men charged with terrorist offenses in the UK and a SIM card of his was found in a burned-out vehicle used to attack an airport in Glasgow on June 30. He had sent an email to an […]

Sexual frustration under Islam

I have asked Muslims I know what happens to all the men who miss out on getting a partner in an Islamic society when polygamy is practised? Assuming levels of homosexuality are constant across cultures and that the gender ratio is approximatetely 1:1, won’t there be a lot of sexually frustrated men?

This article […]

That Mufti & his supporters

The Australian Federation of Islamic Councils seems again to have endorsed Sheik Hilali as Mufti of Australia.

This is the man who endorses Iraqi Jihadists fighting Australians. Who sees relations between the sexes in terms of cats chasing uncovered meat. Who gives Australian aid money to a Lebanese radio station with links to terrorism. […]

UN discredits itself (if there is much left to discredit)

Via Catallaxy. The UN has just passed a resolution :

‘Combating defamation of religions’ expressing a ‘deep concern at attempts to identify Islam with terrorism, violence and human rights violations… and the ethnic and religious profiling of Muslim minorities… in the aftermath of the tragic events of September 11’.

In favour (24): Algeria, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, […]

Benefits of a solid religious upbringing

Children of Palestinian Suicide Bomber Rim Al-Riyashi on Hamas TV: Mama Killed Five Jews and She Is in Paradise.

Film clip here.

Sheik yet again

Sorry to harp on this but there is a real problem here.A point made by the Treasurer Peter Costello in relation to the ‘cat meat’ Mufti Sheik al-Hilali is that he made this obnoxious speech a month before it was reported and yet no-one in the Muslim community spoke out against it. Indeed 5,000 Muslims […]

Migration policy & the mufti

It is inevitable than the remarks of the ‘cat meat’ Mufti will reignite Australian migration debates – Michael Baume has made a start in today’s AFR (subscription only). The issue of changes in Australian migration laws are already being recognised in the Middle East and are implicit in the remarks of Pru Goward that the […]

The Sheik’s views of women (and men)

I received hostile comments when I recently posted that the veil and the hijab reflected repressive attitudes of Islam towards women. I was told that wearing these clothes was an act of free fashion choice by Muslim women. I didn’t accept this claim then and still don’t.According to Australia’s most senior Muslim cleric, Sheik Taj […]

Muslim irrationalism and cartoons

I am in agreement with the Salon commentator on the topic of the Danish cartoons that are claimed to be blasphemous to the Prophet. They should be published in the press everywhere (they are here on the web and in a million other places) and the exaggerated claims of outraged Muslims dismissed.

You don’t damage […]