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US Masters 2013 Aussi triumph? Yes, Aussi triumph!

I am watching the finale to the US Masters with Australia’s Adam Scott having sunk a sensational 3 metre putt on the 18th hole to go 9 under and the Argentinian Angel Cabrera matching this with a sensational approach shot to within 30 cm which he holed to also go 9 under. They have moved […]

Tiger recovers with new woman

Tiger Woods regained his world #1 ranking (last held in 2010) after winning the Arnold Palmer International today. Is it pure coincidence that he has just established a relationship with the gorgeous Lindsey Voon? His marital problems and divorce now seem to be history. I could put it more bluntly. Is that the secret to […]

Tragedy on golf course

I watched the Victorian Open golf tournament yesterday at the tough 13th Beach course near Geelong. A good day as a couple of young pros from my local club were performing. It got windy in the afternoon which blew some scores out a bit.

The sensation of the day was the performance by NZ golfer, […]

Did the tree fall?

On Thursday during the sweltering Melbourne heat I decided, on a whim, to play golf at my local club. An uneventful round except that on the 9th hole I holed out – a hole-in-one. It was a 135 metre par 3 and I knocked it in the hole with a 6 iron – the first […]

Afternoon at Kingston Heath

Kingston Health Golf Course is ranked number 2 among Australian golf courses (and 27th in the world). But over the many times I have visited it, I have never seen it in better condition than it was this Saturday when I went to watch the third day of the Australian Masters Championship. Lightning fast greens […]

Ornithological trivia

I golfed today at the National Course, Cape Schanck – specifically the Moonah. As I approached the 18th green I noticed an Australian Hobby diving almost vertically into some thick grass presumably after a rodent. As it hit the deck it was immediately attacked by an Australian magpie who sought a share of the booty […]

President’s Cup 2011

I wandered out to Royal Melbourne Golf Course today to watch practise rounds for the 2011 President’s Cup. Its a great way of watching professional golf – the crowds are smaller and the admission costs are slightly lower than during the tournament itself. The day itself was perfect Melbourne weather – sunny with only light […]

Cape Schanck & the National

I’ve been working on many things over the past few weeks but took a day off last week to visit Cape Schanck and the National Golf Club. This area lies in a spectacular and scenic part of Victoria. In winter it can be wind-swept and fairly bleak but the scenery remains extraordinary. The National is […]

Rory McIlroy, youthful excellence

RM’s win in the US Open golf tournament featured the best golf I have ever witnessed. An astonishingly powerful drive but his work with all clubs in a golfbag was inspirational. Yes and having watched Tiger Woods play that is a big statement on my part. RM’s consistent (and almost unnatural) brilliance was spread over […]

Golfing & birdwatching

I am a member of a beautiful golf club that is only 10 km or so from the centre of Melbourne. It lies on flood plains adjacent to the Yarra River. Golf has largely replaced my previous weekend diversion of bird-watching but not entirely. Now I bird-watch – though not very seriously – as I […]

Easter break

I’ve found that I now have at least 5 days straight without formal work requirements. I’ve been playing golf and learning to use my new iMac home computer. The latter has probably been more productive than the former. I treated myself to an iMac 27″ 2.93GHz i7. It has 16GB of RAM, a 1TB hard […]

Golf & the environment

My friend Liam – who is interested in ‘sports economics’ – sent me this paper which is worth a look. Golf courses sometimes have a bad environmental reputation – for using fertilisers that contaminate water supplies, for destroying wildlife and for simply using too much water. This need not be the case. In urban areas, […]


Yesterday, La Trobe Golf Course Alphington. On par 4 seventh hole I got a 2. First in quite a while.

Tiger Woods & Enron

I have admiration for Tiger Woods the sportsman and really couldn’t care less if his sexual drives lead him to have partners other than his wife. But something is lost in my admiration for the guy because of a stench of hypocrisy. Woods’ configured public image as the ‘perfect family guy’ turns out to be […]

Tiger Woods at Kingston Heath

Like 25,000 others I was excited on Friday to see Tiger Woods playing golf in Melbourne. I can’t logically justify spending public money as an appearance fee to attract Woods – I oppose spending anything on the Grand Prix – but given that the money is spent – less than 10% of the subsidy devoted […]

Tiger Woods in Chicago

A course record of 62 in the third round of the BMW Championship and a move from 1 down after 9 holes to being 7 up after 18 in a tournament that included the best golfers on the planet.


Autumn in Melbourne

I played golf on Sunday and it was so delightful that I did the same this afternoon. What is it about autumn in Melbourne? Well simple really – moderate temperatures (23oC), clear skies, gentle breezes and vegetation colourful and lush everywhere. It is in my view the best time […]

Anthony Kim

I have been watching the 2009 Masters Tournament at Augusta the last couple of nights on Foxtel. Augusta is an challenging golf course of great length, complexity and with lightning-fast bent grass greens. The player who impressed me most so far in the tournament is the youthful Anthony Kim a […]

Tiger Woods to come to Oz

Tiger Woods will play in the Australian Open this year in Victoria.  He will be paid $4.5 million for his 3 day effort half of which will be subscribed by the Australian taxpaper.  This is his appearance fee and ignores possible winnings. The event will be held at Kingston Heath and I am already […]

GPS’s for cars & for golf

I have long-enjoyed my car GPS system. It is a useful device particularly when I travel interstate and hire a car but don’t know where I am going. My knowledge of my former hometown, Sydney, is fading which isn’t surprising – despite visits I have not lived there for 30 years! Now all I need […]