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Old growth forest in Victoria nearly gone

About 99% of Victoria’s wet eucalytus old growth forest has been destroyed by logging and forest fire in what amounts to an ecological catastrophe. By-in-large the 450 year old forests have been irreversibly replaced by scrubby wattles.

It is not green fanaticism to suggest that harvesting of such forests should now cease entirely with […]

Nobel gongs in economics

I was not surprised that Oliver Williamson won the Nobel Gong in economics though I had never heard about the other prize winner Elinor Ostrom.


Indonesia & climate change

Indonesia is the third-largest greenhouse gas emitter on the planet – after China and the United States. The vast bulk of its emissions are caused by deforestation of its tropical rainforests – particularly in central Samatra.  Deforestation emissions in Indonesia are about half the total emissions of China.

 Australia has an interest in reducing these emissions if […]

Sound economic analysis made me a tree-hugger

Over a decade ago I wrote a paper (‘Forest Rotation and Streamflow Benefits’, Australian Journal of Forestry, 1994) that looked at optimizing the total water supply plus timber benefits from logging in a water catchment – specifically the Thomson River catchment.When trees are of intermediate size and growing fast they cut into water yields simply […]