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Thoughts on Polanski

I have been overwhelmed with academic work of late. My blog postings have obviously suffered and countless thousands of grief-stricken readers around the world have made complaints. In the evenings I ‘ve also entered into an intellectually lazy mode and done the Norm-like, Bogan thing.

For recreation I have enjoyed playing with my new Mac […]

Two excellent French movies

The Diving Bell and the Butterfly is a 2007 film adaptation of the memoir by Jean-Dominique Bauby. Bauby had a massive stroke which left him paralysed except for the ability to move a single eyelid – the ‘locked-in syndrome’. He communicated using this eyelid to write a memoir describing his interior journey. The film is […]

Robert Altman RIP

American film director Robert Altman has died. I reviewed his A Prairie Home Companion a few weeks back and have followed Altman’s films for more than 30 years – a more complete review of some of his best films is here. Tributes to the cantankerous old man are here, here and here.

Altman is one […]

Robert Altman film director

As a long-standing fan of the movies of director Robert Altman, I was delighted (though surprised) to see him nominated for a Academy Honorary Award, for lifetime achievement. This is to be awarded March 5, 2006.

Altman is a most interesting, ‘modern’ US film director.It was about 1976 that an errant friend of mine […]