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Getting fit “quickly”

Or, at least, giving your body a good workout in 7 minutes. Fitness presumably means sustaining this program. I do a simple set of flexibility exercises that takes 10 minutes each day – this is much more challenging regime (if done quickly it looks hard) but I’ll give it a try. Requires no more equipment […]

Weight, diet & exercise

Some of my colleagues now run triathlons and, like them, I wonder why. I am certain that my body wouldn’t take this type of punishment and also unsure whether, from the viewpoint of fitness, such extreme forms of exercise are a good idea for relatively sedentary souls such as myself. My uncertainty increases when I […]

Exercising too hard

There is no question that getting sufficient exercise is important for health. I guess I don’t do as much as I should but I do have a few 20 minute walks each day and play golf 2-3 times each week which involves over 10,000+ steps per game on a 6000+ metre course. I don’t go […]

Research question; A tax on exports

If you think you are well on top of the trade material presented you might want to consider the following issues.

Suppose a country such as Australia is a net exporter of a product produced by a competitive industry such as maize.

Suppose the government decides to impose an export tax on maize.

Show the […]