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Second life

I was fascinated by the last edition of Four Corners, You Only Live Twice.

It is about living in virtual online worlds where you enjoy making money, adventure and sex. Participants in this world are other real players and the game interacts with the real world – game money can be converted into US […]

Changing clothes

I found this amazing. Thanks Bernd.


We had our street-based annual Xmas Party today. Like many who live in the suburbs these days we don’t see that much of our neighbors. We are often busy motoring kids around, working nights and so on. To use a bit of jargon our urban lives contain rather little ‘unstructured time’.Most people of my generation […]

Robert Altman RIP

American film director Robert Altman has died. I reviewed his A Prairie Home Companion a few weeks back and have followed Altman’s films for more than 30 years – a more complete review of some of his best films is here. Tributes to the cantankerous old man are here, here and here.

Altman is one […]

Birdwatching at Puckapunyal

This afternoon I headed off to the Australian Army base at Puckapunyal in central Victoria. I met up with biologist Dr Bob Anderson to look at the reforested box ironbark forests in this 400 square kilometre military area. Its an interesting and active army base with firearms, tank and other military training.I wasn’t there particularly […]


I picked this up from the Crooked Timber website (who got it from Reddit ) – it is a bit of fun if you have 3 minutes to spare – and probably really good if you have something to smoke – as an anti-dope campaigner I don’t!

Click here.

I am concerned

I’ve been so worried lately. Hair greyer gut bigger memory increasingly unreliable unhappy with world isn’t producing enough Mozarts lots of affluence mediocre economics amok greenhouse gases climate change disappearing rainforests war in Iraq crumbling higher education excess taxes dangerous foods soft-drinks declining health social security inadequate old age care indigenous Australians nuclear family homosexual […]

Robert Altman film director

As a long-standing fan of the movies of director Robert Altman, I was delighted (though surprised) to see him nominated for a Academy Honorary Award, for lifetime achievement. This is to be awarded March 5, 2006.

Altman is a most interesting, ‘modern’ US film director.It was about 1976 that an errant friend of mine […]