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This is stunning, grotesque, entertaining.

Thanks Bernd I think

Barry Humphries on Madge Allsop RIP

Emily Perry, the sidekick of Dame Edna has died aged 101.

Humphries once cheerfully described her (in a performance) as ‘a human maggot held together by bacteria — and I mean that in a caring sort of way’. She certainly enhanced his act and he obviously knew that. In fact Humphries was fond of Emily […]

The Zimmers

My Generation. Thanks Bernd

Oldie movies by Fritz Lang & some modern movies

I’ve watched a couple of Fritz Lang movie masterpieces over the last days and several modern films. Its been a long, lazy Easter break.

Metropolis is a silent Lang classic from 1926, perhaps the first science fiction epic, with a wild plot involving downtrodden workers, mad engineers and feminoid robots. This astounding film is […]

Farewell the Sopranos

Norman Mailer recently called ‘The Sopranos’ the closest thing to the Great American Novel in today’s culture. But sob, this great TV series running from 1999-2007 (most of which I have watched from DVD) is coming to an end. No more prudish anxieties about appreciating gangster chic.

As Tony Soprano tells his psychiatrist ‘Things are […]

Walters on a sunny Melbourne afternoon in autumn

A mid-afternoon escape from the Global Finance Conference yesterday afternoon landed me in Walter’s Wine Bar on Southbank. I ordered my usual cheese platter and launched into three sample size (75 ml) glasses of extraordinary Italian wines: a 2002 Umberto Cesari Sangiovese, a 2005 Farnese Montepulciano and a 2001 Pasqua Valpolicella. These are powerful flavoursome […]