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A case for increasing (or at least indexing) the petrol excise

There never was any strong reason for John Howard pegging the petrol excise at 38 cents per litre and plenty of sound reasons for at least indexing it with respect to inflation. The tax provides a rough (and admittedly imperfect) tax on congestion and fuel-induced air pollution and provides quite a reasonable application of the […]

The axe, squash court & a brief history of nuclear power

A great read from The Economist.


Renewable energy optimism

Report suggests 80% of world’s energy could be supplied by renewable energy sources by 2050. It is interesting how research is showing that renewables are not just green romanticism. Renewable targets are important means of getting things going – developing expertise, encouraging learning by doing, overcoming information and technology-based market failures that imply under provision […]

Nuclear technology 1

It is a while since I have looked at the nuclear power option (for a contribution to the specific Australian debate see here) but my recent post on the apparent difficulties of commercialising CCS technologies, as well as a current excellent post at Deltoid by Tim Lambert, have led me to start rethinking the issue. […]

A case for biofuels

Guest post by Sir Henry Casingbroke

The Howard government’s winner-picking is clearly bad for the environment, dishonest, smacks of crony capitalism and in the case I am about to quote, inimical to the long-term aim of turning down the flow of petrodollars to islamofascists of the Wahhabi kind.A budding biodiesel industry is being nipped in […]