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COPs work on automotive assembly

I haven’t read the report in detail – it isn’t that long but I’ve been caught up in other things – but Allen Consulting (acting for the Federal Chamber of Automobile Industries, FCAI) claim that, for $500m in government assistance, the automotive assembly industry “makes” the Australian economy $21.5b “larger”. Indeed not just “larger” but […]

PhD conference in economics and business

I am attending the PhD Conference in Business and Economics at the University of Western Australia in Perth. This runs over 3 days and gives those about to finish their doctoral presentations the chance to present their work in a formal conference setting and to see the work of others. There are 35 presentations in […]

How to publish an economics article

I gave a presentation on this topic to the Economic Society of Australia, Victorian Branch last year. Here are the Powerpoints.

Adelaide ACE09

I am attending the Australian Conference of Economists in Adelaide. These days ACE is a much smaller conference than it has been in the past though I still think it does have an attractiveness. Excellent speakers and a great location at the University of Adelaide. Main observation – the striking though predictable role of the […]

Economic Society of Australia

If you are going to major in economics you might want to think about joining the Economic Society of Australia. Each Australian state has a branch of the ESA and you would therefore join the Victorian Branch.

Student membership is $37 (compared to $87 for non-students) and, for that you get the main Australian economics […]