I am currently based at a university in south central China and fairly absorbed in events going on around me. Posting will be slow for a while. The last few days I spent in the area around Zhangjiajae National Forest Park which is around 500 kms west of the city I am residing in, Changsha. [...]

Deep ecology & environmental economics

I have been interesting myself in the “deep ecology” movement (a good introduction is the Wikipedia link here) having recently heard the Australian, John Seed, speak on the topic*. (1794)


What makes us happy?

I am attending a conference on The Economics of Happiness in a couple of weeks. It will be held in Byron Bay NSW where I spent some time in my surfing youth. Given the location, I should at least emerge from the conference very happy indeed. I posted once before on this topic when I [...]

Does environmental economics fail to account for ecological complexity?

I provided these remarks at the 54th Annual Conference of AARES (Australian Agricultural and Resource Economics Society) that I am now attending in Adelaide. It is in the main a simple argument for using adaptive management techniques for managing highly uncertain and complex environmental systems. Very provisional. Revised, comments welcome. (1653)