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The Sunset Limited

Watched a movie version of Cormac McCarthy’s play “The Sunset Limited” featuring Tommy Lee Jones (also director) and Samuel L. Jackson. An born-again Christian black ex con (SLJ) argues with a white professor (TLJ) about the case for despair or going on. SLJ has saved TLJ from an attempt to throw himself under a train […]

Ludwig dramatised

Sid Caesar and Nanette Fabry in an inspired dramatic rendition of Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony. Brilliant.


Nostalgia: The Forsyte Saga

I have been occupied for the past few days watching the complete original version of The Forsyte Saga based on the novels by John Galsworthy. A couple of years ago I tried to watch a more recent 2002 TV adaptation of the same tale but lost interest – the characters lacked conviction compared to the […]