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Super Hornet purchase to go ahead

I posted previously on the decision of the Howard Government to purchase the Super Hornet jet fighters. A Four Corners show (and some excellent posts by Robert Merkel at LP) convinced me that there were serious questions about these purchases as interim replacements for the F111’s. They seemed an expensive short-term option at $6.6 billion. […]

Flying blind with the Super Hornet

Four Corners tonight raised disturbing questions regarding Dr. Brendon Nelson’s decision to scrap the F111’s (no, the alleged ‘wing defects’ seem to be a myth) and to purchase 24 Super Hornets for $6.6 billion. The claim is that the Russian-made Sukhoi 30 fighters (bought by India, Indonesia, Malaysia and China) sell for half the price […]

Costs of the war on terror

Greg Mankiw’s blog provides estimates of the cost of military operations in Irag, Afghanistan and the war on terrorism from the Congressional Budget Office.

The estimated present value of costs from 2001-2017 is between $1.2-$1.7 trillion. This is, of course, a vast amount. But it is quite a bit smaller than the estimates of […]

Recruiting labour for the ADF

PM Howard has just announced a series of financial moves to boost recruitment into the Australian military from a total of 51,000 to 57,000.These include retention bonuses, possible recruitment bonuses, allowing introductory ‘gap year’ programs of 1 year service in the ADF, reducing service entry requirements and reducing the time taken to achieve entry. As […]