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Dying to avoid old age

This woman choose assisted suicide because she decided she did not wish to die of old age.. It’s a twist on the usual motivation for euthanasia but one that seems to be reasonable if the case for voluntary assisted euthanasia can be justified on the grounds of severe I’ll health or chronic pain.

Guns in America

I don’t like guns or the idea of owning guns for ‘protection’. Gun ownership delivers a Prisoners’ Dilemma where there is a collective loss in legal law-abiding welfare and where ownership increases the stakes in planned criminal acts. Having more than a few punch-ups is socially preferred to having only a few killings. You buy […]

Car speed & death

Again a retrieved post – thanks Christina.


Kevin misses Button funeral

Kevin Rudd couldn’t make it to the State funeral of Labor legend John Button yesterday. He was visiting Cate Blanchett and her newborn baby in hospital. Cate will make it to the ‘ideas summit’ just 6 days after giving birth to her third child even though Rudd told her not to attend if she ‘didn’t […]

Bloggers who cark* it

Overworked and underpaid, yes, but at least I am still alive.

*An Aussi slang term.

A ramble: time, golf & death – the last taboo that you cannot postpone with optimism

Another week disappears as 2007 gets devoured – time passes quickly as we age since each year is a smaller fraction of our life so far. Yet our discount rates decline – we become less impulsive. This is the reason that the initiation of destructive drug-taking is concentrated among kiddies and the reason some of […]


I watched the Four Corners show Final Call last night. It concerned the euthanasia debate and the right of elderly citizens to suicide when they feel their lives are not worth living.

The elderly people interviewed impressed me with the care of their planned exits and with their resolve to achieve this final act […]