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Gun control in the US will fail

One can empathize with “the tears, the thoughts, the prayers and the broken hearts” (a synthesised quote from several newspapers) that Americans are expressing/experiencing in relation to the murder of 26 people in Connecticut. The murders of the 20 mostly 6 or 7 year old school children naturally create a feeling of deep sadness and, […]

The Project, Channel 10

I watch almost no TV these days. I used to watch the ABC but can’t even be bothered doing that. I used to watch some top golf tournaments on Foxtel but (generally) find that I’d prefer to play my own lousy game than to watch others play it really well. I have been inadvertently trapped […]

Current events: economics of the Iraq war

The war in Iraq has been a controversial conflict. Economists have worked hard at identifying its economic implications. Some have even attributed the current world economic crisis to the war.