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Ricky Ponting retires

Ricky Ponting will retire from Test Cricket after the test in Perth. Like every cricket-loving Australian I have mixed feelings about this. No batsman, other than perhaps Adam Gilchrist at his best, gave me as much pleasure as I got watching Ponting on one of his batting rampages. He was awesome, he was fearless. He […]

Shane gets the sheila

I always liked Shane Warne and thought he would have made a great captain of the Australian cricket team – he had a strong understanding of cricket strategy and had considerable skill at handling the media – at least in interviews. I liked his intensity in relation to cricket and his joy-seeking attitude to life. […]

Cricket & terrorism

The attacks on the Sri Lankan cricket team in Lahore cannot be condemned too forcefully.  Very plausibly it is Islamic terrorists who have killed 8 innocents (civilians and police officers) whose committed no crime at all.  A number of prominent cricketers were injured.  What a tragedy – cricket is much more than a game – […]

Promoting test cricket

My colleague Dr Liam Lenten has some controversial ideas on promoting Test Match cricket.

” it may be that what we need is more draws, or at least the chance of more draws…

…the modern-day version of Test cricket is characterised by quicker scoring and wicket taking, more frequent dismissals due to third umpires, […]

Indian cricket – what a sad bunch of losers

Peter Roebuck’s call for Ricky Ponting to be sacked as captain of the Australian cricket team should be treated with contempt. He provides no sound reasons for this call. The Australians played tough, uncompromising cricket and won. The inferior Indian team has lost the second test partly due to some poor umpiring decisions but partly […]

Cricket tragedies

Last Wednesday Monash University’s Centre for Policy Studies (COPS) defeated LaTrobe University’s Department of Economics and Finance in our annual cricket match. Conditioned as we are to defeats it still hurts – particularly when Monash bats poorly and scores a total of only 126 – not even batting out all of its 30 overs – […]

That second cricket test

The final day’s cricket in Adelaide saw Australia go to a 2-0 lead in the Ashes series. A historic victory and an Ashes miracle.England, after declaring at 550 for 6 in their first innings and having had 4 strong days of cricket, were demolished on the final day by an amazing bowling performance, based largely […]