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Since March 2009 I have used the firm to manage my blog. I want to publicly record that they provide an excellent, inexpensive service. During that 4 year period I have been hacked once and, yesterday, lost my access to this blog because of a problem in upgrading to Wordpress 3.5.2*. On each occasion […]

Adaptive web pages

A monopolist does not maximize their profits by charging a uniform monopoly price. Provided they can segment a market and prevent arbitrage transactions the ideal price they can charge reflects each individual customer’s marginal willingness-to-pay. If you are wealthy and are lazy in terms of making efforts to search for the cheapest price you should […]

iTunes music match

For $35 I have installed iTunes match as a component of iCloud on my home computer. On this computer I have previously installed several hundred classical and popular music CDs – 3,500 ‘songs’ in total in iTunes. ‘Match’ searches through these and locates which are held on the iTunes server that stores around 20 million […]


Yep, I ordered one for reasons set out here. My IPad1 is probably the best gadget I have ever owned. I use it to track my day’s appointments, buy stock on the ASX and, of course, to track email and browse the web. I skipped IPad2 because I don’t want to be identified […]

Golf GPSs

Because my sense of distance isn’t that good I bought a Sureshot golf GPS that tells me fairly exact distances from my golf ball on almost all golf courses to the pin. There are many similar devices on the market and their price has declined quite a bit. I bought my Sureshot a few years […]

Getting email organised

I am a sucker for ‘getting organised ‘ schemes – lists, sub-lists prioritising tasks etc. etc. In the main I employ these schemes for about a week until I tire of them. Email is a particular curse – I am on leave at present but yesterday received over 50 emails from my employer, many requiring […]

OSX lion

I installed the much improved OSX lion today for the three Mac computers I own. It was $33 for the download but once I paid for it once at the Mac App store that was it for all computers. Installing new operating systems on Windows machines has been one of those things that has plagued […]

Insecurity of clouds?

This article discusses the possibility of hacking Gmail accounts. Years of mail and documents can disappear. A practical remedy is to backup your Gmail to another e-mail client (like MS Outlook, or Apple Mail). Here’s a Gmail link that shows how to do that.

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Easter break

I’ve found that I now have at least 5 days straight without formal work requirements. I’ve been playing golf and learning to use my new iMac home computer. The latter has probably been more productive than the former. I treated myself to an iMac 27″ 2.93GHz i7. It has 16GB of RAM, a 1TB hard […]

Viruses & a move to MAC

I have had two serious computer virus infections over the past year. Both arose when I allowed a USB that I had used to make a Powerpoint presentation at a university seminar to have unprotected intercourse with my laptop. The viruses were transmitted despite prophylactic protection in the form of anti-virus software. I have […]

Ipad gets my nod as better E-reader

I’ve previously reported on my Kindle and Ipad purchases. Both are great technology so I am happy to praise both. Though I must say that – given its connectability to any part of the WEB – the range of things you can do with Ipad is much greater. And OK, this is fairly bourgeois, but […]

IPad thoughts

So I did buy an IPad. Joshua Gans’ gushing enthusiasm for this device initially put me off but, yes, I did succumb. I have only had it for a few days so my views are provisional. I have used it to access email and the web and for such applications it seems like a large […]

Fake Trojans

My PC had been running normally up until a couple of days ago when it suddenly started giving popup messages suggesting it’s operating system was about to collapse because it was infected with trojans and spyware. A very official-looking Windows-type message then urged a full system scan. Clicking on this connected me to an apparently […]

Keeping it simple: computers & blogging software

I am (by constraint) using a MAC to post for the next couple of weeks. It is amazing these clumsy, clunky fiendishly obscure toys survive when the modern PC offers such convincing competition – simpler, cheaper and very robust with modern operating systems such as XP or Vista. It is testimony to the extent that […]

Tiny laptops

I am interested in pint-sized, cheap laptops such as this Asus Eee PC. At $499 and weighing only 900 grams, it will allow you to surf the web and type a document in OpenOffice. It runs Linux not Windows. It has a negligible harddrive – about 1.5MB of free space – but you can boost […]

Setting up new computers with musical finale

I’ve set up new computers (one desktop, two laptops) in my home using Windows Vista Ultimate and the new Microsoft Office 2007. The only hitch that took me several hours to unravel was that the cable modem connection I needed required an ethernet not a USB cable. Everything eventually clicked and was in apparently good […]