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Since March 2009 I have used the firm to manage my blog. I want to publicly record that they provide an excellent, inexpensive service. During that 4 year period I have been hacked once and, yesterday, lost my access to this blog because of a problem in upgrading to Wordpress 3.5.2*. On each occasion […]

Praising Telstra’s 3G

I haven’t had much to say that is positive about Telstra for quite a while. They have always seemed to me to be a slumbering monopolist that charges too much. I know Telstra has the widest mobile coverage nation-wide but I believed Optus was close behind. So several years ago I switched all my telephony […]

Death of snail mail

In the early days of internet usage the usage of snail mail held up quite well. Some reasoned that there might be complementarities between email and snail mail – improved electronic communications might lead to increased need for exchanging hard letter documents. There also seemed to be a considerable rise in bulk commercial mail.

Whatever […]