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Daft (& evil) Coalition policy 9: Abbott’s support of torture

At least our PM says he does. From

“…the Prime Minister stated “my government deplores the use of torture but we accept that sometimes in difficult circumstances difficult things happen”.

Australia does not merely “deplore” torture. We are a signatory to the Convention Against Torture, which states that no circumstances justify torture; the official […]

Daft Coalition policy 8: Slagging former Australian Government in the US

Prior to the recent Federal election Tony Abbott bragged of his extended personal experience and readiness to assume power. He is revealing himself to be a total clot by slagging the former Australian Government while visiting the US. His combative rhetoric could, at worst, damage US-Australian links but will never be a positive. At best […]

Daft Coalition policies 7: Promoting climate change lies

Now Greg Hunt has joined the PM Abbott with comments on bush fires. It is true that the current fires in NSW cannot be unambiguously linked to climate change but there is research suggesting climate change increases both the variability of climate and possibilities of extreme weather. For example, the intensity and length of El […]

Carbon pricing for Australia

I am pleased that the Australian Government will introduce a carbon tax of sorts from July next year – a common guess is that it will be about $26 per tonne CO2 although the size of the tax has not yet been announced. Then an emissions trading scheme in 3-5 years after that. The little […]

Liberal Party self-destructs on climate change

It is difficult to see anything defendable in the Liberal Party‚Äôs position on climate change as it was articulated on Four Corners last night. The Leader of the Liberal Party in the Senate, Nick Minchin made things clear. He questioned Malcolm Turnbull’s authority and declared man-made climate change a myth – a view he said […]

Coalition loses plot

That some Coalition members refuse to even negotiate on the Government’s ETS is stupidity bordering on the far side of idiocy. Coalition members seem to have foregotten that John Howard, as PM, supported a scheme that is close to the current proposed scheme. Moreover, opposition to even negotiating on the ETS gives the Goverrnment grounds […]