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Daft Coalition economics 3: Paid parental leave

The word “daft” here needs to be qualified. It is certainly daft in the restricted sense that it is a substantial non-means-tested handout made at a time when the Coalition is spreading stories about a deficit and debt crisis. Given that this crisis is largely a myth this type of objection probably isn’t that serious. […]

Depraved men

Nothing arouses anger in the community more immediately than child sex abuse. As a parent – and simply as a concerned citizen – I go along with such anger. Children should never be sex objects. If people’s tastes/preferences drift in this direction they must learn to restrain them – preference alone is never a justification […]

The bigots are at it again – Henson seeking photographic subjects

The artist Bill Henson’s visit to a school to find young children he could potentially photograph is entirely innocent and the hysteria being generated by all sides of politics about it should stop.  What is happening is a Salem-type witch-hunt cloaked by claims of ‘protecting children’. Now the unfortunate school master who apparently approved the visit is […]

Maternity economics

In advance of the Productivity Commission report being released Melbourne’s Pravda has come out strongly in support of paid maternity leave for all ‘working’ women with a front-page editorial (it could never be mistaken for a news-story) written by two concerned sensitive femmes and, luckily for them, a supportive article by Pru Goward who is […]

Taliban morality

Afghanistan. 10 schoolgirls shot at by machinegunners as they go home from school. Two die. Their crime – being female and going to school.

Don’t get angry or feel sad – its a matter of appreciating the distinctive cultural perspectives, tribal and religious values of this ancient civilisation. We’ve discussed this before.


‘With […]

Smoking addiction among kids

The Age discusses a report by Joseph DiFranza et al (2007) suggesting that young kids – 12 to 13 year olds – get addicted very quickly to cigarettes.

The claim is that some get addicted within a day or so of initiating smoking and 25% within a month. Kids can get addicted to smoking […]

John Ashfield aged 6

This story damaged my day. Why is someone from the Department of Community Services not in jail? Why the need to suppress information about this little boy’s death?

Banning grog & porn to cut child abuse

Levels of child abuse in Australian aboriginal communities are completely over the top – there is systematic abuse of young kids in many communities. Young girls and boys are routinely taken as sexual partners. Often the abuse is preceded by alcohol consumption and by the viewing of pornography. The Prime Minister’s move to ban alcohol […]

DJ’s vs.TAI on ‘sexualising children’

David Jones Ltd is suing the The Australia Institute for saying that DJ’s advertising eroticized and sexually exploited children. DJ’s was furious with the TAI claims which it denied. It demanded the TAI remove references to DJ’s on its website. The TAI in turn describes the DJ’s response as ‘corporate bullying’ and refused […]