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Repost: A poor case for protecting the auto industry

I’ll repost this which I think stands as valid today as when I wrote it. Friends of mine, Peter Dixon and Maureen Rimmer have published an article in the Economic Record which again pushes the fallacious line that low levels of protection in the auto industry can be justified by the failure to impose optimal […]

Car industry woes

Chapter 11 is the best outcome for GM since it will permit the types of restructurings that are currently impossible given union demands for taxpayers to pay their member’s salaries and state resistance to plant closures. The US autoworkers were big financial supporters of Obama’s election campaign and for good reason. An aid package from […]

Affordable cars for 1.1 billion

1.1 million Indians potentially gain access to a $2500 car – ignoring those that might be exported. One can take, as I do, the elitist view that this is environmentally damaging in terms of its contribution to global warming – it is difficult to see it as a positive – and it will certainly […]

Probable Ford plant closure

The near certain decision by Ford to close its 6-cylinder plant in Geelong, thereby eliminating 600 jobs, is devastating for the workers concerning and a major problem for the Geelong community. It will be interesting to see how the two parties address this closure issue only a few months out from a Federal election given […]