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Listening to Cormac McCarthy’s novels being read

I have been listening to recorded versions of Cormac McCarthy’s Blood Meridian (abridged) and All the Pretty Horses (unabridged, read by Frank Muller). Enjoyed both immensely – McCarthy evokes vivid images and his writing is intensely poetical. I enjoyed reading both these books but hearing them read adds an extra dimension. They become a poetic […]

I’ve been reading……

Frank Brady’s fascinating biography of Bobby Fischer, Endgame. Fischer was literally a genius with a chess obsession who saw the world as a chess game. Up until he won the World Championship against Boris Spassky he was idiosyncratic and more than a bit difficult – certainly not at all an idiot savant. He read the […]

Ipad gets my nod as better E-reader

I’ve previously reported on my Kindle and Ipad purchases. Both are great technology so I am happy to praise both. Though I must say that – given its connectability to any part of the WEB – the range of things you can do with Ipad is much greater. And OK, this is fairly bourgeois, but […]

Books to remain expensive

My guess that the Government would buckle under local interest group pressure to reject the parallel import of books has proven correct. Mark at LP is pleased to learn that the moves to allow free trade in books suggested by the Productivity Commission have been stopped by the Rudd Government. In fact he asks why […]


I bought a Kindle for $279US from The complete (out-of-copyright) works of Charles Dickens (51 volumes) are available for $3US; Paul Krugman’s The Return of Depression Economics is $9-22US. If it turns out to be a feasible technology – in other words if I use it to read* – it will change my hefty […]

Using trade protection to promote local culture

The Federal Government might now back down on the Productivity Commission proposal to allow parallel imports of Australian produced books. Relying on price discrimination on the basis of less elastic local demands these books are sold at a premium to the prices charged overseas for the same books. Allowing the books to be imported would […]

Expensive textbooks

I am surprised at the cost of non-specialised undergraduate textbooks these days. First because, as a parent of a university student, I get presented with what seem to be huge bills each semester and second because I as a first-year instructor I set hundreds of students each year texts that seem to always cost more […]