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New site

I have a new site at WordPress:

Readers please adjust your browser settings. It is goodbye Blogger for at least a while. I have got to express my sincere thanks to for making the incredible Blogger software available free. It is amazingly simple and powerful software. My reasons for making the change? I […]

Stuff white people like

This is a fun blog that has been operating for a bit more than a year.  I’ll add it to the blogroll.

Moleskine notebooks – expensive without additional functionality. Coffee – particularly fair trade coffee – that $2 makes a difference. Asian girls – they don’t have mid-life crises and produce attractive hybrids. Funny […]

A wander half way down my blogroll

Reading blogs is often more fun than writing blog posts. Before I started this blog I naturally did it much more than I do now.  Below are some highlights I selected from a couple of hours wandering down through the first half of my blogroll – I stopped at Marginal Revolution.  I’ll do a wander through the other […]

A break from blogging

Apologies to readers for the recent lack of posting. I have been busy lately with preparations for forthcoming teaching and have been travelling. Hopefully things will normalise over the next week or so.

On Friday this week I am presenting a seminar on ‘Policies for Reducing the Costs of Cigarette Smoking in Australia’ (a much […]

Fake Trojans

My PC had been running normally up until a couple of days ago when it suddenly started giving popup messages suggesting it’s operating system was about to collapse because it was infected with trojans and spyware. A very official-looking Windows-type message then urged a full system scan. Clicking on this connected me to an apparently […]


Sarah Boxer of the New York Review of Books examines what is distinctive about blogs. There is quite an emerging field of literary work on blogs comparing them to newspapers, analysing their style (or lack of it) and so on. Boxer captured a few aspects but still misses the mix of anarchy and information provision […]

Comments policy

I have changed my philosophy towards comments on this blog. I hope that readers will continue to feel free to comment but I want to take greater care with respect to comments which contain insulting and even conceivably defamatory language.

Simply put I will not tolerate personal, abusive language at all. I do have a […]

Tim Blair

I was shocked to read on his blog that Tim Blair has cancer. He is having major surgery so let us hope he stages a full and rapid recovery.

Here is an apt comment from Mark Steyn.

Keeping it simple: computers & blogging software

I am (by constraint) using a MAC to post for the next couple of weeks. It is amazing these clumsy, clunky fiendishly obscure toys survive when the modern PC offers such convincing competition – simpler, cheaper and very robust with modern operating systems such as XP or Vista. It is testimony to the extent that […]

Economics blogs

This is the most comprehensive list of economics blogs I have seen.

Formatting my blog

I have resisted the temptation to play around with blog formatting but have finally made some obvious changes. The list of recent commenters has gone – at a pinch I could reintroduce it – and the ‘over the fold’ feature has gone too. The former hard blue screen was sometimes a bit difficult to read […]

Supporting the right in the face of leftist barbarism

I am often criticised for supporting John Howard and the Liberal Party. Many people in the blogosphere think that for some reason it is idiosyncratic, and even somewhat perverse, to support a political party which has gained the majority support of the Australian population over four successive Federal elections and whose leader has been overwhelmingly […]

A ramble: time, golf & death – the last taboo that you cannot postpone with optimism

Another week disappears as 2007 gets devoured – time passes quickly as we age since each year is a smaller fraction of our life so far. Yet our discount rates decline – we become less impulsive. This is the reason that the initiation of destructive drug-taking is concentrated among kiddies and the reason some of […]

Burma turns off the internet

Bloggers are a major part of the opposition to the ruling military in Burma. Initially they were targeted for arrest but that still left a stream of news leaving Burma coutesy of blogs. Now the regime has simply turned off the internet.

‘While the veteran democracy activists, and then the Buddhist monks, marched in their […]

Optus makes me out of touch

I’ve been lying low for the past week as I have been travelling and trying to catch up with that thing I call ‘work’ which pays me an income.

To complicate things, with respect to my blogging, my Optus supplied home broadband service has been ‘slowed’ because I have exceeded my monthly allowance of 12GB. […]

Open thread

I haven’t tried an open thread for quite a while so I’d thought that I try one again. I am taking a break for a few days as I travel and also try to clear out a backlog of work.

To be honest I am also reading a couple of wonderful books that I want […]

Spam & discussion policy

Over the past few months traffic to this site has more than doubled and my non-monetary ‘effort’ costs of maintaining the site have increased more than proportionately.

Spam. I have again begun to receive Spam. Unless I impose the letter-recognition procedure that I used until recently for comments made (this increases commenter time costs) I […]

Blogging as a behavioural addiction

There are no deadlines to meet in running a blogsite that are not self-imposed. One does not need to post every day or, indeed, do anything that that doesn’t yield pleasure. It would be unrealistic to suppose that running a blog does not have its addictive aspects – getting lots of people to visit your […]

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday Kalimna! You are 1 today. Over the past year there have been 607 posts here, an average of 1.7 per day, with around 180 daily visitors looking each day at a total of 350 page views. This performance won’t break records but it is a start.

I initially made a resolution to give […]

New Blogger

I painlessly upgraded to the New Blogger. The main advantage is that I can now attach labels to posts. It is then easy to search for posts on a particular topic. (Entering labels caused a slight hitch – as I did this tonight for the last 20 or so posts Goggle assumed I was a […]