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Indigenous foolishness in Kakadu

The apparent refusal of aboriginal Australians to allow the removal of feral animals from Kakadu is a tragedy. Kakadu’s feral populations should be controlled by knowledgeable conservation biologists and scientists not by ill-informed group of any ethnicity. Similarly native species, such as Dugong and Green sea-turtle, should be managed on the basis of human science […]

Thuggery in Canberra

The violent demonstration by the thugs who support the so-called “aboriginal embassy” in Canberra should be unambiguously condemned. The site itself is unsightly, unwarranted and probably should be removed. It is not, as one of the demonstrators claimed, “sacred”. Nor were the considered and very reasonable comments by Tony Abbott regarding this site the basis […]

Bad call on Andrew Bolt

I am no fan of Andrew Bolt’s politics – to put it mildly – but today’s court decision ruling that he acted illegally in criticising ‘white aborigines’ signifies a loss of individual rights by all Australians. His claim as I understand it was that pale-skinned aborigines used their aboriginal heritage to promote their social and […]

Tasering abuse

I am stunned by this taser assault on a harmless aboriginal man by 4 psychpathic cops while 5 others stood around and watched. Those watching included police supervisors. Two of the barbarians who committed this crimes were given minor fines while the rest apparently received no penalty. The lot should have been sacked and given […]

STDs among indigenous kids decline following the Brough-Howard Federal intervention

Despite the moans of the Howard-hating left and the tedious paid anti-Liberal sections of the indigenous people industry it seems the Federal intervention to reduce the sexual molestation of indigenous children is working. Early days yet but the evidence is positive:

THE federal intervention in the Northern Territory has led to a decline in new […]

Indigenous smoking yet again

I have been ridiculed at public fora for suggesting that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island (ATSI) smoking rates are an overwhelmingly important cause of the discrepancy between indigenous and non-indigenous mortality rates. The general response has been: ‘Harry you have a bee in your bonnet about smoking that ‘clouds’ your judgement’. It is true I […]

Paying aboriginals not to smoke

Andrew Leigh comments on Simon Chapman’s interesting proposal to pay aboriginals to stop smoking. Why not give such schemes a trial? They are cheaper and probably more effective than active treatment programs including use of NRTs. There is quite a deal of data on incentive effects of such programs in encouraging abstinence among users of […]

Aboriginal deaths in the Kimberley

The deplorable situation of aboriginal people in the Kimberley region of Western Australia was described by that state’s coroner yesterday. He was reporting on the deaths of 22 men and women – including the suicide of an 11 year old boy. Billions of dollars are being spent by Commonwealth and State governments but the situation […]

Bring back Mal Brough or at least ditch Macklin

Probably the least competent of the entire Ruddite Ministry – if you ignore the northern NAIRU peanut – is Jenny Macklin – remember her? She was that Deputy Leader of the Opposition who was seldom either seen or heard. As Miranda Devine points out, Macklin’s role in the aboriginal affairs portfolio already looks feeble. Macklin […]

Apology again

My post yesterday made two types of non-new claims about the apology to ‘all aboriginals’. My basic claim was that the only positive effect of the apology was to increase the likelihood of compensations. The negative effects of the apology are to provide white Australians with the false belief that something has been achieved and […]


Tomorrow Rudd will apologise on behalf of all past governments of Australia to all aboriginals for what were by-in-large well-intentioned interventions carried out by people who are now all dead. This is justified by arguing that current citizens are not being blamed. But it is just not clear to me how anyone can offer an […]

Political correctness & historical myth destroys young lives

I agree with Miranda Devine – Jenny Macklin ‘should start formulating an apology to all those children murdered, raped and abused in the past decade as a direct result of the (Stolen Generations) report, which, in the name of cultural correctness, has put so many obstacles in the way of removing indigenous children from unsafe […]

The Cape Experiment

Four Corners last night (‘The Cape Experiment’) examined the effects of welfare dependency in Cape York aboriginal communities. It also showed what a wily, articulate and intelligent spokesman for indigenous Australians Noel Pearson is. Pearson is selling what might seem to be an unpopular message well.

The left think of Noel as a Liberal […]

Pituri – aboriginal chewing tobacco

I am reading about the history of tobacco consumption and will blog on this general topic soon. It is a fascinating story. Wherever tobacco has presented itself as a consumption possibility it has been enthusiastically used. It seems first to have been recognised in South America 15,000 years ago and has been consumed there for […]

Parading their own defects

In relation to emergency measures taken in the Northern Territory, in relation to indigenous affairs, Glenn Milne in The Australian today – says it better than I ever could.

The irresponsible leftwing blogs, the claims by David Marr and Peter Harcher in the SMH that the proposed Federal takeover of indigenous affairs policy is militaristic […]

Banning grog & porn to cut child abuse

Levels of child abuse in Australian aboriginal communities are completely over the top – there is systematic abuse of young kids in many communities. Young girls and boys are routinely taken as sexual partners. Often the abuse is preceded by alcohol consumption and by the viewing of pornography. The Prime Minister’s move to ban alcohol […]

Indigenous involvement in crime

Via Andrew Leigh I got a link to this useful data base on ATSI involvement in crime. It is old (2002, why?) but as up-to-date as anything else available. It is a grim picture.

A quarter of ATSI had been subject to violent attack in the past 12 months. There are high rates of […]

Indigenous diabetes epidemic

In an earlier post I pointed out the problems indigenous Australians have with licit drugs like alcohol and tobacco. If aborigines do drink (and most don’t) they tend to drink at destructive levels. The incidence of smoking among indigenous Australians is about twice that of others. Aboriginals also suffer an extremely high incidence – roughly […]

Aboriginal substance abuse

One of the most provocative papers at the recent APSAD (Australian Professional Society on Alcohol and Other Drugs) Conference was given by Don Weatherburn, director of the NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research. In it he argued that the high arrest rates of Australian aboriginals were not due to their social disadvantage but primarily […]