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Profile & comments policy – please read before commenting.

I am an economist currently working on environmental problems and the economics of addictions including substance abuse. I live in Melbourne with wife, 3 children and numerous native trees including a Wollemi pine.

Comments Policy: Comments are welcome although they must avoid personal attacks on anyone and particularly me. Anonymous comments must bear a unique identifying pseudonym. I hope readers feel free to comment but:

1. I am intolerant of personal, abusive language. I have a persistent problem with troll(s) and I am dealing with them. I will delete such comments ASAP and will permanently and immediately ban such people from posting again.  I will not revise this view on the basis of claims of my own allegedly past bad behaviour. Life is too short to waste on such discussions.  Critical comments are welcome – unless you have been banned when your comments will be automatically treated as spam by the WordPress software- but rudeness to me or other participants in online discussion is not catered for.

2. If you wish to stage an ongoing complaint about someone else in the blogosphere then do it elsewhere.  It may take me 24 hours but with probability one I will delete your efforts and ban you.

3. Avoid commenting simply to score points.  It is better to try to present an argument.

4. All comments will be moderated although comment submission itself is simple because I have switched off the word-recognition requirement.

5. If you do wish to post under a pseudonym that is fine but you must use the same pseudonym every time you comment. You cannot post as ‘anonymous’ or change your identity with different posts. If I detect people trolling under different pseudonyms, perhaps with different IP addresses, I will ban the person permanently and inform other blogs. Its a small world.

6. I now get literally thousands of spam messages per day and cannot commit to reading them all.  To avoid having your comment spammed avoid using bad language and posting a large number of hyperlinks.

I welcome discussion of aspects of this policy though my intolerance for rudeness is not something to be usefully discussed.