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The Vietnam War

I watched the ten-part series, “The Vietnam War” (TVW), now made available at SBS online. This is a powerful analysis of this almost grotesque tragedy that influenced my own thinking greatly as a young man. It changed me into a person who thought politically. I opposed the American-run war and Australia’s participation in it during […]

Fire and Fury

Michael Wolff’s “Fire and Fury” is a sustained attack on the Donald Trump presidency. Trump is revealed as a narcissist bumbler who repeats himself. A buffoon who is out of his depth for the job of being President. The White House staff he has surrounded himself with are a barely competent collection of factions competing […]

The possibility of a crash

The arguments by Willem Buiter on the possibility of an exuberance-induced global recession seem reasonable to me. Stock and property markets are exuberant, particularly in the US while bond markets are moving into recession because we all know that interest rates are rising and will continue to rise. There has been a prolonged US expansion […]