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Emissions Reduction Fund is now definitely revealed to be a bad joke

I saw this morning that total planned funding for the government’s ERF of $2-55b will not be increased after 4 years. This is to be TOTAL funding through to 2023/2024.

This pathetically weak scheme is now revealed to be more than weak – it is a bad joke. There is no way targets of 5% reductions in emissions over year 2000 levels will be met by 2020.

In terms of the overall budget this is a “small potatoes” issue. But the Abbott Government is clearly walking away from any serious attempt to reduce carbon emissions.

1 comment to Emissions Reduction Fund is now definitely revealed to be a bad joke

  • Michael

    Seriously, how can anyone be surprised? I would genuinely like to hear from someone who thought it was anything but a joke. Abbott came to the leadership on the strength of his climate denial appeal to the loony liberal base he was hardly going to have a serious response to climate change be carried through.

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