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Cairns bleg

I am thinking about buying a home unit in Cairns north Queensland.  I like the tropic climate – particularly as an escape from the Melbourne winter but also because I like the mix of natural habitats that lie in and around Cairns – from Port Douglas and the Daintree to the Atherton Tablelands.  I probably would want to live in Cairns rather than an outlying area though I might consider Mareeba, Mossman or Port Douglas.  I probably would want to live in reasonable proximity to urban facilities, restaurants and so on and particularly the airport.  I want a unit as I want to be able to lock up and leave. Cheap air tickets to Cairns from Melbourne – around $256 return – along with relatively inexpensive real estate are an attraction.  I’d probably continue to spend the summer and spring in Melbourne.

I’ve spent a few days checking out the options via the web and will probably visit the area in June to have a careful look around.

I’d be interested to hear views of any people with experience of Cairns as a place to live in. What’s it like to live there for extended periods?  Any problems? What are good parts of Cairns to live in? Why does the real estate there seem so inexpensive?

If you don’t want to post a comment online you can email me or use the FB message service.

Many thanks.

8 comments to Cairns bleg

  • wjr

    From my short time there I would go for the Atherton Tablelands – a very beautiful location and close enough to the urban amenities and far enough from the tourist tat. Bill

  • Gee. I did a search and thought the price of 2 bedroom apartments looked very reasonable.

    Sorry, can’t add anything about experience with living in Cairns. The one thing that would always give me some concern about residing there, though, would be the intermittent break outs of serious mosquito borne diseases. For example, in the news recently:

    NEW clusters of dengue fever cases have been detected at Cairns North and Woree amid fears of more outbreaks in the wake of cyclone Ita.

    Five new cases were confirmed by Queensland Health on Thursday, raising the number of infections in the region to 130 since October.

  • hc

    i agree Dengue is a consideration. When I was there a couple of summers back some American tourists were wearing sweaters in the steaming heat to protect their arms. I’ve read there are fairly simple precautions you can take – repellent, light coloured clothing etc.

  • rog

    I spent time in Cairns, way before it became an international tourist destination. Great winters but after September way too hot. Other people like that sort of heat but not me. Cairns is a bit of a honey trap, it promises tropical languor and can deliver relentless indolence.

    Check out the turnover in real estate – southerners they come and they go. Business is not what it used to be – collapse of Japanese economy plus high AUD has diminished tourism – and there isnt much else. Might be better to rent for a year, see how it goes?

  • hc

    I too am a bit worried about the issues Rog raises. I’ll go up in June and check things out – including possibilities for a medium term rental. Many thanks.

  • Drop in on Warren Entsch while you are there 🙂

  • Sinclair Davidson

    When I stayed in Cairns it was just outside in a place called Yorkies Knob – just 10 minutes from downtown Cairns and close to the airport. Port Douglas is very nice but you’ll end up paying tourist prices for a lot of the year.

  • hc

    Thanks SInclair, Yorkey’s Knob is on my inspection list as is all of north Cairns.

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