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Levying a tax

I liked the article (unfortunately paywalled) by Jacob Greber in the AFR today on the proposed income tax hike. The motivation is to avoid a decade of widening fiscal deficits. The government promised no new taxes but promised also not to spend less on pensions, education, health and defence while, at the same time, reducing […]

Piketty on inequality

Economics has a best seller. Thomas Piketty’s, “Capital in the 21st Century”. I couldn’t get a copy locally (the book is not available even at such is the demand) but have read a few reviews and watched a video where Piketty presents his ideas that are then analyzed by Paul Krugman, Joseph Stiglitz and […]

Abandoning the US alliance

Malcolm Fraser argues that Australia should pursue an independent foreign policy so that it does not get dragged into unwanted wars between, for example, China and Japan. I found this discussion (with Robert Manne) fascinating. US military installations at Pine Gap and in Darwin are portrayed as a chain around our neck. ANZUS ineffective. And […]

Chinese agriculture

Nearly 1/5th of Chinese agricultural land is toxic. Forget about measured economic growth targets – this is a madness.

Privatising universities & finally killing them off

Non-academics Andrew Norton and David Kemp recommend privatisation of the university system with subsidies paid to private as well as government suppliers. Universities don’t only supply private goods so I am unclear of the motivation here though libertarian thrill seekers will get a jolt of blood through their arteries when they read this proposal. Of […]

Redundancy bleg

The meaning of an employment redundancy is, I assume, that a position is either no longer required or if an employer is bankrupt. I’ll ignore the second possible reason for “redundancy”.

I assume that a “redundancy” does not arise if a worker on a high salary is replaced by one on a lower salary and […]