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A carbon capture & storage (CCS) success story

This New Scientist article is worth thinking about.  A CCS plant in Canada (Boundary Dam) is about to become a working coal-fired power station with 90% of its CO2 emissions captured.  It will be the first commercial scale CCS power station.  A second plant in Mississippi that utilises coal gasification will test another energy source.  Finally a CCS plant is being designed in the UK that is gas-fired.

Saline aquifers in the US are being judged as capable of storing 100 years CO2 emissions.  The North Sea has the capacity for 100 years European CO2 emissions.

The hurdle for CCS is cost. The chemical scrubbers on a CCS power plant absorb 20% of power so the cost of CCS is relatively high. CCS costs are about that of wind energy.  Research is continuing on ways to reduce such costs.

CCS can vanish gigatonnes of CO2 emissions annually.  No other technology can do this in a world where we know coal use will continue to be important.

3 comments to A carbon capture & storage (CCS) success story

  • Ian R Boyd

    Let us not count on success. Coal fired power is not home free.

  • Bill

    If CCS is about the same cost as wind, it is actually far cheaper. Wind needs 100% backup, coal doesn’t.

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