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Warming & telling lies

2013 was the hottest year since records across Australia were begun.  9 of the warmest years on record have occurred in the past 12 years. That is what the Australian Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) states.

Of course it could be that Australia’s BOM are cooking the books to exaggerate the extent of warming. They could be selecting data which supports this view and ignoring data which does not.   That was Jennifer Marohasy’s claim in March 2013. Professor David Flint thinks the same.  Jennifer Marohasy will examine the recent high temperature claim when she has examined the data. I can almost anticipate the outcome.

It seems the conspiracy to deceive the world on climate change is not restricted to the thousands of scientists who contribute to the IPCC. Our own BOM is in on the act too.

There is something more than a genuine disagreement on scientific facts that is occurring here.  Reading Jennifer Marohasy’s blog (and her postings on Facebook) reveals a whole community of right-wing sceptics who have what seem to be bizarre attitudes to the way science is carried out.  Maurice Newman and other prominent people presumably have their views driven by this group.

The bottom line is that science has been captured by a left-wing bunch of environmentalists who, partly for career reasons, repeat scientific facts to us on climate that are false and known to be false by the scientists who state them because they are involved in falsification of data.  We know that politicians lie but now too, we are led to believe, scientists lie as well.  Moreover, these lies are enforced on a global and a national scale.  This capture has been identified by a keen-eyed group of skeptics on the other side of the political fence – the libertarians and the conservatives.  Groups in Australia chat are allied with the IPA and the “dry” part of the Liberal Party.

The cynical might judge that because such groups oppose the role of government in the economy, and that because climate change is a global externality – public “bads” issue,  that such groups are driven to disbelieve truths that would offend their political ideology.  That has been my critical view of such groups.  The view is “critical” because, in my view, political ideologies need to reflect the facts of our existence.

Markets will not resolve many – perhaps most – of the world’s most pressing problems – environmental and other.   Markets fail in many situations and we do need government action.  You cannot just wish this were not true and will it away.




2 comments to Warming & telling lies

  • rog

    “There is something more than a genuine disagreement on scientific facts that is occurring here.”

    Emotional dysfunction?

    I don’t know what “it” exactly is but there is a common element, repressed feelings of childhood rejection and alienation perhaps? Sublimated anger? A need to be in with the outs and out with the ins?

    Whatever it is it obviously has the ability to block objective analysis.

  • I used to be not trampis

    It is all about politics.
    Climate was originally promoted by ‘left wing ‘ parties so the opposition from the US has been exported to other countries as well.
    most of these people are clearly innumerate as we see on catallaxy.
    Those who are like Sinclair Davidson NEVER EVER openly say there has been a structural break in rising world temperatures as they would be pilloried for saying such nonsense. They only infer it.

    I think it highly noticeable that Andrew Bolt’s brother has NEVER supported him on this and his brother has a lot of expertise in this area.

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