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Support for plain packaging

Julia Gillard writes a strong and clear defence of the Australian plain packaging legislation for cigarettes. She is right – it will cost the Australian Government millions to defend this legislation against attacks from the carcinogen producers and their allies in the IPA (copyright protection, free trade etc) but these millions are a gift to humanity since they will probably induce stronger action against tobacco elsewhere in the world. For once Australia can pat itself on the back.

Unless consumption habits change markedly the WHO estimate 1 billion people will die from cigarette-related diseases in the 21st century. That’s about 1 in 8 deaths.

1 comment to Support for plain packaging

  • John Mashey

    Well, Oz got the packaging right. Any action on e-cigs there?
    See Familiar Think Tanks Fight For E-cigarettes”.

    Our think tanks, having long downplayed any harm from cigarettes, in the last year or so, now that Big Tobacco is moving in on the e-cig startups, suddenly are doing backflips:
    a) regular cigarettes are bad
    b) For their health, the same people they helped addict should move to e-cigs.

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