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Maurice Newman & foolish commentary

In The Australian today Maurice Newman is quoted as saying that Australia’s climate policies have decimated Australian manufacturing. It is a foolish claim given that manufacturing in Australia faced problems even before we began to set a low price on carbon and before we began pursuing renewable energy targets. The Dutch Disease consequences of the […]

Thailand’s new fascism?

What is happening in Thailand suggests a possible move toward dictatorship. The Yellow Shirts (and their political representatives in the Democrat Party) are a fascist group who want to suspend democracy and replace it with an unelected council of their choosing. They oppose elections even being held because they know the Democrats will lose.

The […]

Support for plain packaging

Julia Gillard writes a strong and clear defence of the Australian plain packaging legislation for cigarettes. She is right – it will cost the Australian Government millions to defend this legislation against attacks from the carcinogen producers and their allies in the IPA (copyright protection, free trade etc) but these millions are a gift to […]

Money, brainlessness & sex

I liked this piece from the SMH commenting on the Miranda Kerr-James Packer liason. The hypocrisy demonstrated here in relation to the taboo on marrying for money or for reasons of sexual atractiveness alone are important social facts. Regardless of how unpleasant, boring and philistine a male is there is always a beautiful woman ready […]

Nepal shifts to the right

Living in this fascinating country had lead me to focus on their current election. The communist insurgency ended in 2008 but there really hasn’t been effective government in Nepal since that time. There are signs that the election held a few weeks ago may have ended this nightmare. A coalition between the pro-India Congress Party […]